Will feel the fastest day of pregnancy?Can I test it for more than 7 days?Give the answer today

Pregnancy is a more important thing in a woman’s life. As long as you enter the palace of marriage, no matter whether you want or not, someone will always care about whether you are pregnant.Therefore, for most women, after marriage, they will enter a state of pregnancy. Once they enter pregnancy, people will involuntarily want to feel pregnant?As soon as the body is strange, you will think about pregnancy.So many pregnant mothers will want to know if they are pregnant, and will it feel as soon as a few days?When is it better to test pregnancy?Let’s discuss together today.

It is undeniable that after pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, there is a small life in the stomach. Most women will have a different feeling. This time usually occurs around 6 weeks after menopause.However, mothers who are preparing for pregnancy are generally more anxious. Generally, a few days after having a relationship with her husband, they will look forward to it. I especially want to know whether the personnel plan is successful this time.For this particularly anxious woman, you can use the pregnancy test stick to help you test whether you are pregnant.

So, when will it be tested? Can I test it for more than 7 days? Can I test it?

If the holiday is postponed for 7 days, it can be tested.Because a week is the time required for fertilized eggs to bed, if you especially want to know if you are pregnant, you can buy an early pregnancy test strip to detect it. Generally, it is generally the case.Quasible.Of course, everyone’s constitution is different, and there will be special cases. If you want to test the results more accurate, it is recommended that you test it after a holiday for more than 14 days.

This is mainly because the placenta manufacturing hormone is very small at the beginning and the time is too short. Some women may not be detected, but this value will be more obvious on the 14th day.Therefore, if you want to test more accurately, it is recommended to test it after two weeks of postponing. At this time, if there are two red bars on the pregnancy test stick, congratulations, the ten or nine is pregnant.

Due to such a reason in life, some women are more nervous about pregnancy. As long as the regular leave does not appear on time, she will think about whether she is pregnant.So, is it pregnant if you don’t come?

No!If you do n’t come, you ca n’t come as the standard for judging women ’s pregnancy. It’ s just that if you are pregnant, you will not come for a while, and many women in life are not allowed.It’s pregnant.Under the influence of the following reasons, the holiday may be delayed.

1. Suddenly changed the living environment, such as work mobilization, the environment changed, but the body has not adapted, and at this time, the regular leave may also be postponed.

2. Women’s mood is more changing. If this time is due to some life or work, it will cause depression and boredom, which will also affect the arrival of the holiday.

3. Dietary changes, the impact of diet on the body is relatively large, and things that eat into the belly will affect the body.If you lose weight during this time, you eat very little, or you eat a lot of fish, cold, cold and cold, spicy and irritating foods, you will have an adverse effect on the body.A manifestation.

When a woman knows that she is pregnant, it will be very excited, because when the mother feels really beautiful, but in October during pregnancy, Xiaobian reminds you to pay special attention to health care during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, the fetal condition is not particularly particularly particularly special.Stability, we need to pay more attention to the following things.

◎ Pay attention to your physical changes.For example, some women have a little red manifestation in the early stages of pregnancy, but this situation should be relatively mild. If you find that you have a lot of redness, the abdomen is faintly painful, and the rest is not changed if you rest.Because ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage are prone to occur in the early stages of pregnancy, it is best to check and obtain a doctor in time.

◎ Remember to add folic acid.Early pregnancy is a period when fetal nerve tube development is relatively important, and folic acid can prevent fetal malformations to a certain extent. Therefore, folic acid should be taken one month before the expert’s suggestion.Now that the national policy is good, I remember when I was pregnant with a second child, it was free folic acid tablets at our city’s Maternal and Child Health Hospital. If you are preparing to get pregnant now, you can go to the community or the Maternal and Child Health Hospital to consult with folic acid.

◎ Keep a pleasant mood.The impact of mentality on a person is very great. It is not conducive to his own health.For pregnant mothers, your mood will be passed on to the baby, and it also affects his development.Therefore, after pregnancy, put all the troubles, want to be happy, actively face difficulties, so that you can maintain a pleasant mood every day, so you will feel it is not worth it after the baby is born.

◎ Don’t ignore the pregnancy examination.Who wants to have a healthy health?It used to have no conditions. There may not be a chance to check from pregnancy to production, but now the level of living is good, and the examination of pregnancy is also comprehensive. Pregnant mothers should not ignore it.Even if it is early pregnancy, it is necessary to check on time, and the embryo occurs in the early pregnancy. Do not lose yourself because of your own negligence.

In the end, I wish you all the best to be pregnant and healthy!

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