Will eating too much noodles cause cancer?Reminder: Those who are really carcinogenic are these 4 kinds of food, try to touch as little as possible

How many people like to eat instant noodles and brew it directly with hot water. They can enjoy deliciousness in about 3 to 5 minutes. Not only can the taste buds be satisfied, they can also relieve hunger.

Whether it is a large supermarket or a small shop on the street, you can see instant noodles, which are widely loved by everyone.However, there are many claims about instant noodles on the Internet. Many people attribute it to junk food and think that eating too much instant noodles can cause cancer. Is this really the case?

Circulating on the Internet: Acrylamide can be produced during the process of instant noodles, which has a certain carcinogenicity.

It is undeniable that the instant noodles contain such substances, but the content is very small. It is far from reaching the carcinogenic dose, so eating instant noodles will not cause cancer.In addition, the cause of most cancers is not clear, and it is often the result of the common effect of multiple factors, not a factor.

1. Paraffects in instant buckets can cause poisoning

Carefully observe that the bucket in the instant noodles is smooth, and the surface has a layer of paraffin. This is a food -grade polyethylene coating. It is often used in food packaging materials. The melting point reaches about 110 ° C.The highest temperature of daily instant noodles is 100 ° C, which cannot be melted at all.

2. Instant noodles contain too many preservatives

Most processed foods contain preservatives, as well as instant noodles.The long -storage time for instant noodles is not just a role in preservatives, but the fried process during processing, or dry and dehydration technology, is relatively low in water content, and is not suitable for microorganisms to grow and reproduce.The spices and vegetable bags also adopt dewatering technology, and have radical sterilization technology.Although the instant noodles contain preservatives, the dose is within the scope of safety.

1. Barbecue

Most people prefer barbecue foods, such as grilled intestines, barbecue skewers, grilled vegetables or grilled fish. Although it is delicious, it can affect the health of the body.Especially when the charcoal barbecue is grilled, the first -class carcinogen benzene is pyromium in the fuel, followed by smoke to be contaminated on the food surface.Especially when barbecue high -fat foods, free radicals are generated due to high temperature, which is easily generated to cause cancer.

2. Machining meat

The ham sausage, bacon or sausage, bacon, etc. they eat daily belong to processed meat, and nitrite can be produced during the marinating process.After entering the body, nitrite can generate carcinogen nitrosamine, increasing the risk of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.

3. Pickled category

Sauerkrauts and kimchi, pickles, salted fish, sea rice, etc. are marinated with high salt for a long time. Among them, nitrate and nitrite can be converted into nitrosamine after entering the body.The latter has clearly made carcinogens that can induce gastric cancer.

4, high wine

Alcohol does not cause cancer, but intermediate metabolic products acetaldehyde can cause cancer.In daily life, greedy cups, drinking heights not only hurt liver and gastric mucosa, oral mucosa, but also increase the risk of liver cancer, gastric cancer and oral cancer.

In general, instant noodles cannot be said to be carcinogenic foods, but they cannot be eaten frequently. It is recommended to eat instant noodles for a month. It is recommended to choose non -fried noodles.

Try to put eggs, small rapeseed, etc. when cooking instant noodles, and put less feasting bags;

After eating instant noodles, drink plenty of boiled water and eat more fresh vegetables or fruits.Pay attention to the daily diet, eat less food, and eat less sperm processing, mainly grains, with fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and eggs, milk, and nuts. This can ensure that all kinds of nutrients can be intake and prevent malnutrition.

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