Will "fart" after pregnancy affect the fetal development?Don’t care too much about pregnant mothers

Fan Xiao Su recently wrote a private message in the backstage. I said that I have been pregnant for more than two months, and my stomach is always gurgling. Sometimes I can even feel the gas through the intestines and fart all day long.Because this matter was even laughed at by her husband as the "stinky king" to release harmful substances to the whole family all day long.Xiaosu is a person who pays special attention to the image. Sometimes, a fart came suddenly during work, and the scene was very embarrassing.In addition to the troubles that this embarrassment brings to Xiaosu, in fact, Xiao Su is more worried about whether he has something wrong with his body and what harm will he have to the baby in the stomach?

What should I do if I always "fart" after pregnancy?Will it affect the healthy development of the fetus?In fact, many pregnant women will encounter the embarrassing things such as "fart" when they are pregnant, but in addition to embarrassment, they are more worried about the health of the fetus in the body.Baby.

In fact, the "fart" during pregnancy is a very normal thing, mostly caused by flatulence.Therefore, do n’t worry too much about pregnant mothers. The “fart” will not affect the fetus at all. Do n’t go to fart, but you must be careful to prevent constipation.

Although the "fart" is normal during pregnancy, it has no effect on the baby’s baby, but pregnant mothers must not ignore it, and they still need to pay more attention.If constipation is occurring, and the constipation time is long, it will affect the fetus.

Most of the "more farts" of pregnant women are caused by these 4 points. They knew that they had benefited early, and it was better to the baby.

1. Lutein strange

We all know that when a woman is pregnant, the secretion of hormones in the body will change, and the influence of progesterone will increase slowly.Magne ketone has the effect of protecting tires, so most pregnant mothers will supplement progesterone when they are pregnant. Although the increase in progesterone can be available, it will also have a negative effect.Condition.

2. The influence of baby baby

Over time, the baby is growing slowly in the stomach of the pregnant mother. The baby’s body will increase slowly.The organs cause squeezing. When the stomach of the pregnant mother is squeezed, it will affect the digestion of the stomach and intestines, so it will often "fart".

Third, the reason for the mouthful

Women are already two people when they are pregnant, and one person needs to supply the nutrition of two people.Therefore, it is found that pregnant mothers can eat more than before pregnancy, and they are more hungry.Although this is a good thing, pregnant mothers must remember the nutritional balance and cannot overeating. Otherwise, it will easily affect the abdominal distension caused by poor digestion, and the situation of "more fart" occurs.

Fourth, health signal

Women’s short -term "fart" during pregnancy is normal, but if it has not been relieved for a long time, it may need to pay attention to it.Do not despise it, you need to seek medical treatment immediately if necessary.

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