Wife and mother!(04)

Jiaqi is unaware -her attitude towards her son -in -law in her life indirectly led Ade’s sense of presence in this home.

The good times did not last long, and the second month of the second month when Jiaqi returned to her job, her department experienced a large personnel change.Before that, the male boss who was about to be a father because his wife was pregnant, and Jia Qi, who had just finished maternity leave, was usually taken care of.

From time to time, the two will also communicate with their parenting experience.

Jiaqi returned to the first month of the workplace, which can be said to have a taste.

Now suddenly changed a middle -aged female boss who was Taiwanese. When Jia Qi saw a face with a disdain in seriousness, the sixth sense had made her predicting that her future career was not smooth.

Sure enough, she didn’t expect, the next day when her new boss was in place.

When Jia Qizheng, who was still in a careless child, was ready to leave the computer for one hour a day, suddenly heard the boss assistant sip: "Everyone pays attention, now go to the office to meet."

Jia Qi had just reached the hand of the computer’s shutdown key, and subconsciously grabbed the notebooks and pens on the side with other colleagues in the department, and quickly walked towards the conference room like a tide.

Jia Qi was going to call at home while walking.

Suddenly, there was a sound of high -heeled shoe stepped out of the sound like war songs. Jia Qi remembered that in the morning when the new boss entered the office in the morning was such a scene.

When everyone arrives, the sound is coming first.

Jia Qi hurriedly sideways and whispered, "Good boss!"

There is a sound of the Taiwanese cavity: "Joy, I heard you just gave birth?"

As a art student, Jia Qi, her three -legged cat Kung Fu did not dare to play ax in front of the new boss.

She replied honestly and practical Chinese: "Yes."

Fortunately, the new boss glanced up and down Jiaqi, and did not force her again, and asked in Chinese expressionlessly: "Boy or girl?"


Immediately after, the new boss continued to ask in Chinese with the Taiwanese cavity: "How old is your daughter?"

"Four and a half months."

Soon, a seemingly calm inquiries sounded: "Then am I delaying you, the novice mother is off work?"

When he heard this, Jia Qi, who had felt the danger in the workplace, quickly raised his head.She hit a pair of aggressive feelings in the aggressive eyes, as well as the meaningful smile in the corner of the mouth tightly,

Jia Qi instantly felt the tension of the atmosphere in the air. The colleagues around them slowly slowed down, secretly looking back and forth with the light of the corner of the eyes.

What can I say at this time?

Of course, she can’t scold her mother, and she can’t tell the truth: "You know, what else do you ask. You are also a woman, and a woman who has two children. Women are embarrassed by women, not to mention that I am swollen now. Because you are terrible. Because you are terrible. Because of youI turned the people all day long, and I didn’t even have time to squeeze milk in the afternoon until now. "

"After finally cooking at this point, I planned to stop the car and run home to feed the children when I planned to go out."

At this moment, Jia Qi, who had stood upright with a career smile, as a worker, she could only smile and say, "Don’t say that, of course, it is important to work."

The new boss seemed to be very satisfied with Jia Qi’s attitude. From a step around her, she walked forward, and continued to walk forward with her chest.

Jia Qi also deliberately slowed down her footsteps, and the feeling of walking with the new boss was not very good.The opponent’s aura was too powerful, and she was relieved as the new boss’s far away.

Seeing that the door to the meeting room is about ten meters away.Jia Qi quickly dialed the call from the house and wanted to tell her mother that she would go back later today, so she was too late to go home for dinner.

Unfortunately, in the distance of ten meters, the phone is always in a state of occupying a line.Jia Qi, who did not die, could only walk and continue to fight.

Until she deliberately dragged into the last time she entered the conference room and closed the door, the phone was still in a state of occupation.

Jia Qi, who had just picked up a corner and sat in a good position, was the same as the news that the middle student wissed to give Adefa.Just when she covered her mobile phone under the table, she just bowed her head and hit "I Today".

On the top of Jiaqi, there was a unique loud voice of the assistant of the boss: "Everyone pay attention, the mobile phone passs the quiet and peaceful meeting."

Sure enough, it is a new personnel, a new style.

The crowds here remained absolutely quiet, holding their chests and sitting straight up to face the front.Feeling the delicateness of Jiaqi, of course, it is not convenient to make the head bird at this time.

She can only quickly put down the phone in her hand, imitating the people around her, sitting up and not daring to do any small movements, eyes, nose and nose, and staring at the new boss next to the new boss.

The new boss arrived at first, and it was full of interest.She led the whole audience not only the content of the conversation was sharp, but also unexpectedly answered questions from time to time.

Everyone who was sitting had to fight the twelve points of spirit and carefully followed the rhythm of the new boss.I’m afraid that if you are not careful, if you have a bad impression for the first time, it will be difficult to change the appreciation in the future.

Everyone knows that the person who is talking passionately on the stage just wants to pick individuals in the department to make a prestige.Only a fool can hit it at this time, and he does not know how to grab the braids.

There was no rest in a conference in the midfield, and it continued for two and a half hours to end.Jiaqi could only take advantage of no one to pay attention, rubbing herself suspected that her chest was about to explode the next second.

But she didn’t dare to be distracted at all, her eyes must always stare at the direction of the projector, staring at the numbers that kept switching on it.

After finally finishing the end, Jia Qi covered the office with both hands covering the position of the chest.

She had too late to think about her, and ran to her position in three steps.Putting on the coat at the fastest speed, covering the embarrassing humidity of the chest, and immediately picked up the door of Bao towards the office.

While standing on the side of the road at the endless traffic flow of L Sichuan, she was anxiously carried by the swelling and pain when she rushed from time to time.I don’t know how long the time has passed, Jia Qi finally ruled out that it was difficult to grab a car.

Why do you say grab?

The person standing in front of Jiaqi was about to stop a taxi, and the moment he was about to drive the door.He was pushed from behind by a woman.

Then Jia Qi was like a very unsuccessful villow, and opened the door to the co -pilot.The man who was pushed away by Jia Qi turned back when he turned back and was about to scold people in anger.

Jia Qi could only look at the other person with a pitiful eyes and begged, "I’m sorry, I have a hurry. Please give me this car, okay?"

It may be a woman’s helpless expression, impress the man who should have reasons for anger.The hand that pointed at Jiaqi’s nose before, slowly put it down.

After Jia Qi thanked him, he urged the driver to go quickly.

At this time, it was time to light up the lights, and the night was beautiful.But Jiaqi had no intention to appreciate it at all, and now she finally has time and mood that can be called.

She pulled out a mobile phone that was set up from a jacket pocket, and at a glance, there were several unsolved calls.There are calls at home and Ad.Calculating time should be during the period of my own meeting.

Jia Qi quickly called the phone at home, and the moment the phone was connected, the child was crying.

Jia Qi’s heart also trembled.

She asked anxiously: "What’s wrong with this?"

The voice of her husband Ade came from the phone. He yelled with a complaint tone in a helpless tone: "So late, why did you go? The phone didn’t answer it, and I gave you twice."

"The new boss, temporarily saying a meeting."

"Aren’t you still in a careless child, can the state regulations go early?"

Faced with her husband’s endless inquiries, Jia Qi, a mother, was a little anxious.She hurriedly interrupted the man’s words and asked, "What is the baby crying?"

"Oh, my mother cooks in the kitchen. The baby may not be used to it with me to play with her. When will you come back?"

"I am already on a taxi, and I arrive at home in about twenty minutes."

"Then you hurry back."

"Okay, do you give her the baby’s favorite white bear. Has her milk drank?"

"I don’t know, do I go to the kitchen and ask my mother?"

With another crying cry on the phone, Jia Qi immediately put down the phone to let her husband concentrate on taking care of the children.

At this time, the nerves were stretched all day and finally relaxed.

She couldn’t help but lean on the back seat of the car, closed her eyes, and pressed her fingers to make a painful head.

Because she knows that only the remaining ten minutes of time belong to her.Once she got out of the car, it was another battlefield without smoke.

There is her identity there is her mother and wife, but she has no herself.

After a few minutes silent, Jia Qi slowly opened her eyes.

The taxi driver on the side came with a sentence: "Little girl, watch you speak Manoswan, and just like the car just grabbing the car is completely two people."

Jia Qi smiled bitterly and explained: "Master, I have an urgent matter at home. I usually …"

"I know when you listen to you, and you’re in a hurry to go home to see your children?"


"It’s not easy for women to be this year, and the company at home is busy. You must not be free for a moment."

What Jia Qigang wanted to say, the swelling of her long -term depression of her chest hit again.She closed her mouth consciously and frowned.

Get out of the car, Jia Qi, who ran home quickly, saw her imagination.Ade had been sitting on the table to eat, and Jia Qi mother squatted in a pile of toys that had not been able to clean up. She hugged her child to help her wipe her face.

When he saw his daughter, Jia Qi asked immediately: "Ade said that your new boss, to meet temporarily."


"Then you have to make a meeting, you can call back in advance. We are still waiting for you to go home to cook, and hurriedly make me be surprised by off guard."

While pulling out the breast pump from the big bag, Jia Qi explained: "If the boss is temporarily decided, I have no time to call."

Jia Qi’s mother raised her head and asked puzzledly, "Isn’t your mother and I didn’t go to work? Don’t you just open for a while? Are you so nervous as you said?"

"Mom, I have called back to occupy the line."


At this time, Jia Qi, who was busy from the morning to the present, had a blank mind.After a while, she talked about about it.

Jiaqi Mom was still asking: "I didn’t call at that time, how could I occupy the line?"

"Mom, let me suck milk first?"

Jiaqi no longer wanted to discuss this topic anymore. When the white lotion sprayed out of the white lotion after the electric breast pump started, every cell in her body was jumping.

God knows, she has been suffering for so long.

How hopeful, this moment is coming.

She swallowed a long breath and paralyzed on the soft sofa as if she was dismantling.A moment, the numbness staring at the white liquid was tireless, I just wanted to sleep with my eyes closed.

But no, the hustle and bustle from the restaurant made her have to fight, and soberly returned to the world again.

Jia Qi, who hurriedly sucked her milk, walked out of the room with her bottle.At this time, Ade had finished eating and changed Jiaqi’s mother to the table for dinner.

Jia Qi greeted her daughter: "You come over to eat, and help your baby take a bath first. I guess I am older, and I just dizzy just now."

Seeing this, Jia Qi asked nervously: "Is it tight?"

"Take a break, it’s okay."

"Okay, then you go and lie down after eating."

At this time, Ade intervened in and said, "What’s the matter with your company, leave people to work overtime without any reason. You do n’t fight in advance, who is not old and there are small things."

Jia Qima echoed: "Yes, this leader is too close. You are also doing things with a tendon, do you not even have a call time?"

Jia Qi, who had just walked to the dinner table, opened his mouth and wanted to explain something.But she knew that her husband Ade was a civil servant. He had been in the kind of idle and free working environment for a long time, and he couldn’t understand the tense and anxious working atmosphere of foreign companies.

There is also Jiaqi Mom, let’s not mention it.

Jiaqi knew that she could explain, but she raised her eyes and looked at the pots and pans that she hurried to clean up after her meals, and she was staring at the children who were waiting for her to take over.

Suddenly, she lost the interest of speaking,

There is a kind of tiredness, no one can say, no one can understand!

If you understand, you don’t need to say thousands of words and thousands of words.

If you do n’t understand, you ca n’t say anything about thousands of words.

The people sitting beside them are all the closest to themselves.At hand, Jia Qi felt that their distance was so far away from himself for the first time.

Everyone present was very hard, but they could say hardships to themselves.Only Jiaqi, she couldn’t say anything.

Because her identity is her daughter, mother, wife.

Jia Qi wanted to get angry, and said to the man around me, "You go to take a bath for your child, I go to clean up the kitchen to clean it."

Or in other words: "Two choices, what do you say you want to do?"

She knew that if she shouted so loudly, Ade would respond to herself with a greater voice.Then, in the beating, I barely choose one thing to do.

The most important thing is that Jiaqi, who can’t stand it, will definitely hold her physical discomfort and take over the work in Ade’s hand.

Just like now, Ade heard Jiaqi let him wash dishes and buy food.

He frowned and said reluctantly, "Mom said that this is what a woman does, and there are already two women in the family. Why do you let me do it?"

If Jiaqi pulled down her face and Ade for a long time, after exhausting her efforts, she found that Ade would only say, "I know, I’ll do it again."

Then when Jiaqi turned around, Jia Qima had already done something silently.

Then he looked at his daughter with a similar look, and said, "What is noisy at night and let the neighbors hear the joke. Looking backstairs upstairs and downstairs, the neighbors meet and ask me as an elder.How to say?"

"Is our family quarreling in order to do housework? Don’t you want to face it, what do you think of me as an elder."

"Besides, it’s not just a few bowls, I washed it off. Do you shout so much?"

Later, Jia Qi learned that her mother, who had been used to being dull in these years.She couldn’t pull her face to instruct anyone to work, including son -in -law Ada and nanny.

The only person who can make her do this is her daughter who has a big and bitter.She took it for granted that her daughter should be considerate of her hardships and difficulties to share it for herself.Besides, he has been able to distinguish his daughter with an age, and Jia Qi should be grateful to Dade to herself.

Jiaqi Mom was embarrassed by others, and her daughter worked hard for her.Because her daughter is not an outsider, she is her bloodline and relative.

When Jia Qi heard her mother’s theory, she couldn’t laugh.In her opinion, parents should not be the most distressed in the world.Why did you get to your mother?

However, this is already the last word.

That night, Jia Qi silently finished eating.

Then she cleaned up the kitchen quietly and cleaned the house.Then took the child from Ada, and took a bath to coax her to sleep.

At night, the small body with a soft and soft body with a sweet milk fragrance was not happy for the first time.

But Jia Qi, who was so tired, had no energy to think about the specific reasons he couldn’t get up.Because she knows a few hours, no, maybe another one or two hours.

No matter how deep she sleeps, she may be awakened by the cry of the little body in her arms.She had to open her hazy sleeping eyes to open the seemingly heavy eyelids.

Numb and mechanically feed and change diapers. No one came to help her, and no one came to feel bad for her.Because she brought the little life in her arms to the world, then these were all her responsibility.

Jiaqi only remembers that she said to herself with her last sober consciousness that night before going to bed: "Maybe, I’m not a good woman in the traditional sense. Raising a child brought me satisfaction is not enoughCancel off the pain I have experienced in it. "

The next morning, Jia Qi, who was highly intense after yesterday.Because she got up and fed twice at night, her head was a bit stunned, and she found that her face was ugly.

She felt a little fluttering, and said to her mother who had taken the child from her hands: "So tired, my head is a little faint."

Jia Qima glanced at her daughter and said, "Hurry up and wash, and wash a cold water face will be awake."


Before Jiaqi went to work every day, she was considerate of her mother’s hard work alone and doing housework alone.She will take the child to the amusement park downstairs for a while first, and Jia Qi will hurry up and do the things at home.

After Jia Qima finished all this, she went downstairs to take over.

Jia Qi went upstairs to carry bags, spending one to two minutes to simplify a light makeup and step on high heels to go to work.

After the week, this life began from the first day of Jiaqi.It seems that the mother and daughter are both management masters, and seamlessly use time to use the ultimate coordination.

After investigating it carefully, I found out that there was no chance to breathe in this cooperation.After squeezing into the buses that squeezed into the buses that were squeezed into the gap, Jia Qi, who was crumbling in the carriage, her identity had automatically switched to a standard office worker.

If you can grab a seat halfway, it is a gift for Jiaqi.Because she could enjoy her leisure for a moment, sometimes she raised her eyes and drifted through the pictures of the fireworks.

In the sun, I unknowingly watched Jiaqi, I couldn’t wait for this bus that shuttled in the streets of the city’s streets and alleys, and never had the moment when the door was opened.

Because of this, she can always sit on the seat.As a visiting guest, use a indifferent and alienated vision to appreciate the ordinary people of ordinary people outside the window.

For her, the glass of life in life was a bit bitter in the sweetness.However, she had to take a drink, and she had to hold her tears back desperately without a distress when she cried.

The embarrassing look can only be left for yourself.

(To be continued!)

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