Why not safe during safety during the safe period?Regarding the misunderstanding of contraception, all men and women understand

A few days ago, Li Chengyi’s popular variety show "Pi Brother 2" announced the news of his wife Qi Wei.

What shocked netizens was that Qi Wei said that he had no plan to be a child. The time for pregnancy was on the last day of his physiological period, mainly because Li Chengyi couldn’t hold it.

Li Chengyi also added: "This proves that if there is really no plan, you want to have a baby, take good care of contraceptive measures."

Netizens lamented that the couple dared to say too much.But this also made us awaken: the safety period is not safe.

Many people rely on a safe period of contraception. They do not know that the success of contraception in the safety period is only 76%, not 100%.In case of contraceptive failure, it is "unexpected surprise" for the couple who is planning to give birth, but it is undoubtedly "frightened" for couples who have no planning to have children for the time being.

The use of safe contraception refers to a method of stopping sexual life during women’s ovulation.A menstrual cycle of women refers to the time between the first day of the menstrual period and the first day of the next day of menstruation, which can generally be divided into menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period.

If the menstrual rules are regular, 2-3 days before and after the tide of menstruation next time are the ovulation period, and the remaining time is the "safety period" except for the menstrual period.However, in other times outside the safety period, due to many factors such as hormones and emotions and irregular menstruation, it may also lead to the early and delay of ovulation, thereby increasing the risk of pregnancy.

Therefore, it is not reliable to rely on a safe period.

In addition to the unreliable occurrence of safety during safety, these contraceptive methods below are not reliable.

1. Entrandiated ejaculation

People who rely on in vitro ejaculation for a long time will still have risk of pregnancy even if they "pull out".This is because male sperm will secrete some prostate fluids before ejaculation, and there are sperm that will cause pregnancy.Once these sperm and eggs meet, it is easy to increase the chance of pregnancy.

In addition, the vitamin ejaculation may also increase the risk of prostatitis due to ejaculation without ejaculation and damage the health of men.

2. Wear condoms in the middle

The condom should be used throughout the process, and wearing a condom in the middle will likely make some sperm slip into women’s vagina and cannot achieve the contraceptive effect. Therefore, we must use condoms throughout the process.

3. Rinse in time after acting

Even if the vagina will be washed in time after the incident, this method is not reliable. The sperm sprint ability is very strong. It will soon enter the cervical canal.Micro ecology.

4. Breastfeeding contraception

Many women think that the lactation does not have menstruation during breastfeeding. At this time, the same room is safe and does not take scientific contraceptive measures. It is easy to get pregnant unexpectedly.

For contraception, in addition to the above -mentioned unreliable contraceptive methods, people also use contraceptives to contraception, but what we know is that contraceptives should not be taken chaotic.

1. Emergency contraceptive pill: Do not take it frequently

Emergency contraceptives such as Yuting, Fhoner, and Anting are generally effective within 72 hours after the incident. It is only suitable for those who fail some other contraceptive methods, but it may contain a large number of progesterone and cannot be eaten frequently.If it is frequently used, it may lead to loss of ovarian function, and even cause premature ovarian failure and infertility.

2. Long -term contraceptive pill: large side effects

Yueyue’an and Yue Keting can take a month to take one month, but because of the large hormone content and great side effects, it is not recommended to take it, especially unmarried women.

3. Short -acting contraceptive pills: better effect

Short -acting contraceptives such as You Siming, Meixinle, and Mom Fulon can be used as conventional contraceptives. The hormone content in these drugs is low and the side effects are small, and there are no relevant reports of terators.

In addition, short -acting contraceptives also have some additional benefits, which can prevent ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, and it also helps to treat symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

However, taking contraceptives does not ensure that it will not be pregnant. If the irregularity of contraceptive pills may also lead to poor contraceptive effect and increase the risk of pregnancy.

Safe contraception, in vitro ejaculation, post -rinse, breastfeeding contraception and other methods are actually unreliable. The correct method should be to use condoms throughout the process.For those who do not use condoms or cannot be used, they can be taken by regulating contraceptives. In comparison, short -acting contraceptives can be better, and can be used as conventional contraceptives.

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