Why not ovulate when the follicles grow up?

Yesterday, there was a consultation in the background: "The follicles develop normally, but it is not ovulation. Why?

Does it definitely ovulate if you have follicles?

Generally, follicles can grow to 18-20mm or more than 20mm, but the follicles will not break, which is often said that it does not ovulate.

Women’s follicles grow up without ovulation, mostly because of some diseases that affect ovulation.Therefore, women should pay attention to ovulation without follicles.

Patients have normal menstruation and even have a history of fertility, but subsequent menstruation is scarce until it is completely amenorrhea.The follicles in the ovaries of such patients have been exhausted, and it is impossible to develop follicles with ovulation -promoting drugs.

Polycysts ovary syndrome is a common cause of women’s ovulation. Its ovary is characterized by the increase in the volume of the nest. There are multiple small follicles but cannot develop mature. Therefore, drugs need to use drugs to promote follicle development and to induce ovulation.

Hyperproopin ledmia, pituitary somatosoma and other diseases can inhibit ovulation.

TIPS: In the process of breeding life, eggs are an indispensable part of it, so women pay attention to ovulation problems.If there is no ovulation, you must go to the hospital for examination in time and treat it under the guidance of a doctor.In addition, women should not use ovulation -promoting medicines blindly, so as not to bring greater harm.

B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation is relatively safe and does not cause damage to follicles.Through follicle monitoring, you can well understand the degree of development of women’s follicles, ovulation processes, etc., which helps women better understand their own ovulation, and can actively prepare for conception.

The time of follicle monitoring is based on the patient’s specific menstrual cycle. Generally, the regular menstrual rules and cycles are about 28 days. From the 9-10th day of the menstrual cycle, use B-ultrasound once every 1-2 days.Until the follicles are estimated to be mature, then once a day until the follicle breaks ovulation.

TIPS: During the process of preparing for pregnancy, if the baby does not come, please do not panic. At this time, what you have to do is to go to the hospital to check the cause where the cause is, and targeted treatment.

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