Why is there a pregnancy line on the stomach of a pregnant woman?Can this black thread see that men and women

After pregnancy, there will be a black line on the stomach. Many mothers gather together and will pick up their clothes to see if they are men or women?So, how did this line come from?Can you see men and women?Medically, this line is called pregnancy line.

The pregnancy line refers to a vertical line in the middle of most women in the middle of the belly or through the navel.Most of the pregnancy lines are formed from February to April of pregnancy. It is a product of changes in hormones during pregnancy. Each woman’s pregnancy line length and depth are different.

The pregnancy line is usually an important anatomy symbol of the human body. During the pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, some people will deepen the color and even grow body hair., But some people have not changed at all, these are normal.

People with more hair or more pigments usually have more obvious pregnancy lines.The appearance of the pregnancy line is not necessarily connected with the long or not long stretch marks.

When there is no pigmentation, it is often only a faint white line that is seen. Once the hormones are encountered, the pigment cells will be stimulated, and the pigmentation will occur.The brown texture is the so -called pregnancy midline. The two most common periods are the rapid pregnancy period of hormones.

The generation of stretch marks is mainly because the skin tissue (collagen fiber) is bigger to the broken phenomenon of losing elasticity. It is manifested in the appearance of the skin, which is the linear, depression, and red pattern;

However, the severity of stretch marks is different, and everyone is determined by individual hormones, the speed of weight gain, and genetic factors.

In fact, this line is the so -called pregnancy line. It will appear during 2 to 4 months of pregnancy. Due to the impact of progesterone, this line will grow from perineal to the navel, and some will even grow to the chest.Some colors are light enough to see, and some of them are deep or even grown hair. These are normal.

How much hair grows and the shades of color is determined by the hormone of the pregnant woman itself.Therefore, this statement is not scientific!

Many people think that this line grows after pregnancy. In fact, many people have this line on the abdomen of the abdomen before pregnancy, but they are white and fair -skinned people are basically invisible.People with many pigments can be seen.

However, this line does not have much effect.

Editor: Seeing fetal men and women in the pregnancy line. I believe this is just an entertainment topic for pregnant mothers together, and it is not scientific.

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