Why is there a blood clot like "meat" when menstruation?These 4 things, women may wish to eat more


Hello everyone, this is Dr. Guo. Next, I will explain the knowledge about women’s menstruation.

For girls, the first menstrual tide will be experienced since adolescence. In the next decades, menstruation will always be accompanied by girls; when menstruation comes, many girls will have symptoms of lower abdomen and pain.At this time, girls will be particularly irritable.

In addition, many girls find that they will have blood clots like meat during menstruation. At this time, girls will feel very frightened, fearing that they have symptoms in their bodies;Blood clots appeared.

For girls, menstruation can be used to observe the physical condition of women. When menstruation is abnormal, women are usually worried that it is a uterus with disease and fears that they will be affected by cervical cancer.Passion, this physiological phenomenon is normal!

In most cases, when female friends come to menstruation, there will be blood clots accompanied by blood clots. There is no need to panic. This is a normal phenomenon; menstruation is formed by the endometrium.Disposal, mix with other material when falling off, becomes a red "blood clot" like meat!

If such a phenomenon occurs, it is not the body’s "abnormal", so don’t worry too much.

1. Mulberry dry

It is reported that mulberry is a kind of iron -rich food. Each 100 grams of mulberry content is about 42.5 mg, so it is known as the "king of blood"!In addition, female friends can drink porridge with mulberry dried mulberry during menstruation, which can nourish blood and beauty, but also nourish their bodies.

2. Spinach

In normal times, some women will feel the symptoms of breast discomfort and breast tenderness during menstruation.

Spinach is also known as Persian vegetables and is rich in vitamin E, which can reduce the generation of prostaglandins. Prostatin is a series of substances that cause a series of pre -menstrual pain!Eating spinach can effectively supplement vitamin E to help relieve pain.

3. Strawberry

During menstruation, it is actually a period when girls are prone to aging. If they are not well protected, the skin is easy to aging.

The nutrients such as amino acids contained in strawberries can promote the ovarian secretion of hormones, inhibit capillary contraction, delay aging, and protect the skin!

In addition, strawberries can also supplement blood to prevent anemia. Moreover, strawberry’s fat and calories are low, containing sufficient cellulose, which can activate the intestine, help food digestion and fat consumption.

4. brown sugar

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm and sweet, and enters the spleen; "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that sugar (brown sugar) has the effects of harmonizing the spleen, nourishing blood, blood circulation, and dew.

In addition, women often drink brown sugar water, which can accelerate blood circulation, promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis, help improve body cold and dysmenorrhea, and make women look better and better!

1. Changes in menstrual flow

Menstruation mainly refers to the phenomenon caused by endometrial endometrium. When sexual intercourse, it will be affected by the endometrium falling off. It can even cause increased menstrual flow and prolonged menstrual period, making women lose their body with anemia.

2. Infection

When female friends come to menstruation, the pelvic cavity will cause congestion. At this time, sexual intercourse will easily cause infection, which will cause vaginitis or pelvic inflammatory disease!In addition, sexual intercourse during menstruation may produce anti -sperm antibodies, so it is very difficult for female friends to get pregnant.

3. Cause various gynecological inflammation

The arrival of menstruation is the process of endometrial endometrium and discharged by menstrual blood. During this period, women’s bodies are relatively fragile. When menstruation is just passed, physical resistance and immunity are slowly recovering.Bacterial and viruses in the vagina cause gynecological diseases such as infection, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis, and cervicitis!This approach seriously endangers women’s uterus and health, affecting women’s health, daily work and life.

4. Park

Menstrual sexual intercourse is prone to increase the chance of infection. In severe cases, acute pelvic inflammatory disease can occur, manifested as fever, severe abdominal pain, and even infection, toxic shock, life -threatening!

Today’s topic: How to maintain good health during menstruation?

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