Why is the "regular holiday" for 5 consecutive months, but it is diagnosed with pregnancy. What disease is it related to?

For women with childbearing age, "Auntie" once a month is normal.However, sometimes it is strange that "aunt" is still coming, but the truth behind it is not that simple.

For example, the "aunt" who came for 5 months in a row thought that it was her irregular menstruation. As a result, she went to the hospital for examination and found that it was not a problem of menstruation, but determined that she was pregnant.

Why are you pregnant?This is exactly what many people are puzzled. Is it wrong to diagnose?Why do you feel pregnant at all?In fact, the problem behind it must start with the "front placenta".

1. What is "front placenta"?

The so -called "front placenta" means that the placenta is wrong, and it is too ahead, so vaginal bleeding occurs.Under normal circumstances, after the combination of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs will be formed, and the fertilized eggs will enter the uterine cavity. In the uterine cavity, find a planting place, and then use it as an attachment point to start the development and growth of the embryo.

Therefore, if the placenta is growing in the process of growth, because the location is too advanced, it may reach the cervical mouth. The placenta is close or covered with the cervical mouth, which can cause irregular vaginal bleeding, so it looks like a "auntie auntie came here."In fact, it is not, but because of the" front placenta ", the vaginal bleeding is irregular.

2. Why doesn’t the "front placenta" cause pain?

Generally speaking, if the uterus has abnormalities, abnormal abdominal pain may occur, either with a small belly uncomfortable, full of swelling, falling, and so on.However, why do women with "front placenta" feel uncomfortable?

This is because the hemorrhage caused by "front placenta" is usually a sustainable bleeding that occurs at the front of the blood vessels.

Therefore, once the "front placenta" appears, everyone needs to be highly vigilant. Don’t wait until your stomach pain, and then want to check it. This situation is rare, and if it is at this stage, you may think about it.It’s late.

3. How to know "front placenta" in advance?

If you are pregnant, for women, in order to better prevent "front placenta"?Early diagnosis is the key.

Generally speaking, starting from the moment you determine your pregnancy, accurately calculate your gestational week, and then go to the hospital for imaging examination according to the plan of the pregnancy test. For women who are pregnant for 5 months, are the placenta position abnormal?You can identify it.Therefore, insisting on doing a B -ultrasound to help discover the "front placenta" as soon as possible.

In addition, for the previous relevant medical history and older women, they should pay more attention to the investigation of "front placenta".

Therefore, the "aunt" has been here for 5 consecutive months. In fact, it is not the real "aunt", but the "front placenta" is engaged in ghosts. Everyone must pay attention to this kind of problems.Development causes disadvantages.

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