Why is leucorrhea a barometer of gynecological inflammation?

For leucorrhea, some people think that they can’t see the dirty things, and many women feel anxious and panic when they face normal leucorrhea, thinking that they are a symbol of pathological.In fact, leucorrhea, like menstruation, is a normal physiological manifestation of women.Its changes are often signs of certain gynecological diseases and are called gynecological barometers.

After women enter adolescence, under the influence of ovarian secretion hormones, vaginal epithelial cells will be regular and fall off, and a small amount of liquid can be secreted by the vaginal wall;And secrete transparent mucus.These epithelial cells, mucus, and liquids are mixed together from the vagina, and they are egg -like, which is leucorrhea.

Because the epithelial cells with vagina have sugar, the vaginal is decomposed into lactic acid, so the leucorrhea is acidic and has a strong sterilization ability.Under normal circumstances, various pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, mold, etc. often cannot reproduce in the vagina. A few bacteria that have been caught for the rest of their lives will be blocked and cleared by cervical mucus even if they reach the deep part.Therefore, leucorrhea is described as a "natural barrier" of women.In addition, another important role of leucorrhea is to keep the vaginal wall moist and protect women’s external genitals.

——- "I started my menstruation 1 year ago. At the beginning, I rarely or unstable. It was only once a month after half a year, but there were many leucorrhea.Uncomfortable. I am afraid that I have vaginitis. What is going on? "

—— "My previous leucorrhea often increased before menstruation. Newlywed honeymoon, we specially avoided the menstrual period, but recently there has been an increase in leucorrhea. Is it going to be advanced? But the menstruation has not come..why is that?"

—— "I have been pregnant for more than six months, there are many leucorrhea, and sometimes light brown secretions appear. I am very worried that there will be any inflammation that will affect the baby’s health."

The easiest change of leucorrhea is the increase in secretion.This is closely related to emotions, diet, physiology, psychological and other factors.It is a mirror that reflects women’s endocrine function. With the changes in the menstrual cycle, its amount is also different.In the middle of the menstrual cycle, estrogen produces strong, the secretion of leucorrhea is increased, and it is "transparent and thin", which is conducive to the vitality of sperm through and maintaining sperm, creating good conditions for fertilization of eggs.

As mentioned earlier, the first woman is actually an increase in normal adolescent leucorrhea. This large amount of egg whites leucorrhea is a symbol of ovarian function and maturity, and it is the representation of girls’ development.If the woman in the childbearing age is clear, it is clear and tasteless, and it is sticky when pulling, stretching and continuous, and it is still normal physiological leucorrhea.But Chinese medicine often considers the possibility of spleen deficiency.

And when women are newlywed honeymoon, sexual activity is active, and the increase in leucorrhea secretion is not surprising.For pregnant women, as the estrogen in the body of pregnancy will gradually increase, it will increase the increase in the secretion of cervical canal and endometrial glands. Especially until late pregnancy, there will be more and more leucorrhea, and the color may change.For orange, light green or light brown, these situations are basically normal physiological changes.

It should be noted that after 2-3 days after ovulation, many women have decreased through the increase of progesterone, cervical and other glands, and leucorrhea becomes turbid and sticky.Before and after, due to the congestion of the pelvic cavity, the vaginal leakage liquid increased, and after the leucorrhea flowed in the body, it became yellow after contacting the bacteria in the air, which was also normal.

Is it not normal for leucorrhea to decrease? If the leucorrhea in the age of childbearing age is reduced to not meet physiological needs, the patient feels that the vulva is discomfort, which is a pathological state, which is often caused by ovarian dysfunction and reduced sex hormone secretion.After menopause, women’s ovarian atrophy, insufficient sex hormones, feel the dry vulva, and no secretions in the vagina are normal.

Normal leucorrhea should be milky white or colorless transparency, slightly fishy or tasteless.Although there are bacteria and mold in the vagina, these microorganisms maintain a delicate balance, which does not cause human diseases, and the leucorrhea properties will not cause abnormalities.If the vulva is not ventilated, the antibiotics are taken for a long time, the body’s immunity is weakened or the vaginal cleaner is abused, or there are other infections, or the lack of female hormones, it will cause the vaginal pH and other environmental factors.Sexual and taste changes to varying degrees.

1. The leucorrhea is foam or rice soup, with a smell, accompanied by vulva, vaginal itching like bugs, which makes people irritable, mostly caused by trichomoniac vaginitis;

2. Protochor is like tofu dregs or small crushed cream -like pieces. At the same time, it is accompanied by the vulva itching and unbearable or burning.

3. Multiple amount, yellow or yellow -green like purulent, mostly caused by bacteria or chlamydia, mycoplasma and other infections, such as endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic effusion, vaginal foreign body, etc.;

4. If you have blood mixed, it is more common in severe uterine erosion, uterine polyps, uterine tumors, and in -uterine placement.Fast and slow bleeding and bleeding can make the leucorrhea dye different colors such as red, brown or black.Especially after sexual intercourse, bloody leucorrhea can indicate the prerequisite of cervicitis or uterine cancer;

5. Although there is no abnormal odor or color, the water -like leucorrhea, coupled with the menstrual disorders, doctors often suspect ovarian lesions.

The leucorrhea is abnormal. You need to pay attention to finding a doctor to check. You should tell the doctor in detail the changes in the leucorrhea.The amount, color, nature, and smell of leucorrhea are helpful for what type of vaginitis.During menstruation, menstrual blood will cover up any signs that can find the cause, and during the menstrual period, due to the opening of the endometrium blood sinus, in order to avoid retrograde infections, there is generally no double -closing examination., Spray or vaginal drugs, otherwise it is easy to interfere with doctors’ judgment.

Some ladies increase the number of leucorrhea, often holding the mentality of being able to drag, or buying some vaginal scrubbing medicines such as soda water by themselves.This is not desirable to inflammation and vulvatitis. The doctor should be determined whether it is increased in physiological leucorrhea or pathological changes.The correct diagnosis can help choose the correct treatment plan.

The reason for leucorrhea abnormality is difficult to heal. The reason is often that when many people see that the leucorrhea is temporarily returned to normal, they think that it is successful.In fact, the critical point of treatment is to adhere to the doctor’s advice, even if the symptoms have disappeared before the end of the treatment.You know, there is a possibility of recurrence after the treatment of vaginitis, so patients need to follow the clinic.Three labels are negative before they can be called cure.Secondly, the drug should be continued during menstruation.

Do not use cotton strips during treatment because they absorb drugs.One point, it may often be ignored by people. Some bacteria or mycoplasma infections are caused by inflammation, which requires women’s sexual partners to receive treatment at the same time.During treatment, men often need to use condoms or abstinence for 10-14 days to prevent couples from being transmitted to each other.

Some female friends are worried about leucorrhea to stain their underwear or too lazy to wash their underwear during treatment, and get used to sanitary pads. This approach is not desirable.The sanitary pads are thicker and do not ventilate. The vaginal discharge is prone to breed bacteria. If it is not a menstrual period, try not to use it.Wash the vulva with water every night and change the underwear.In addition, do not clean the vagina with various medicinal solution. Instead, it will destroy the inner environment of the vagina, making it more difficult to treat.”女 女”

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