Why is it so difficult to lose weight after giving birth?Once you walk into these 3 misunderstandings, it is basically difficult to lose weight

Women’s weight will continue to rise due to fetal and physical energy during pregnancy, and even enter the obesity stage during production.And this is unacceptable for women who are pursuing perfection. They will take various measures to lose weight after giving birth, but they will fail to lose weight because they are trapped in misunderstandings.Therefore, if you want to lose weight after childbirth, you must first get away from the misunderstanding and grasp the main points.

1. Forbidden weight loss during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding should be supplemented with children’s breast milk during breastfeeding. If weight loss will cause insufficient energy and affect feeding, many breastfeeding women will use the idea of weight loss, but in fact, weight loss can also be adopted during breastfeeding.Some survey data show that women cannot control the weight within six months after giving birth, and the weight will rise more after six months. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the golden period of 6 months after delivery.Make hormones quickly regulate and achieve more than half the effect of weight loss.As long as you ensure that nutritional intake is sufficient during weight loss, it will not affect milk secretion.

2. Slimming clothes can make weight decrease quickly

Because with the continuous expansion of the uterus after pregnancy, the stomach will be expanded. At this time, many merchants on the market launch a slimming clothes to promote postpartum women to recover their body quickly.However, if the abdominal wall is excessively stretched during pregnancy and loses elasticity, wearing a body -shaping clothes after giving birth can only have the effect of covering the ears and stealing the bell, and it is not a real weight loss.

3. As long as a large amount of exercise weight, it will decrease

Regardless of the three seven twenty -one, a large amount of exercise consumption can be used to quickly reduce the effect.Although the reasonable exercise of postpartum exercise is good for the body, a large number of exercise will hurt, and a large number of sports will cause energy consumption while increased appetite. In this way, a large amount of food will be taken in the absence of the body without a complete recovery, but a loss of weight loss will occur.

Women want to control high -calorie foods if they want to lose weight after childbirth. Do not indulge a large amount of fatty foods.When eating, chew slowly, chewing slowly swallowing can avoid excessive food at one time, and it can also prevent food from digestion and stimulate the stomach.At the same time, do not go to bed immediately after meals. After eating, sleep after eating. Food accumulates in the body and forms fat, resulting in an increase in weight.

Generally speaking, you must understand clearly if you want to lose weight after childbirth. Take correct measures to achieve your desired results.In addition, you must know that you have to do a physical examination before you lose weight to ensure that your body is restored to normal and there is no problem, so that you can avoid damage to weight loss.”Family Doctor Super Energy Group “” Health Popular Science Ranking”

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"It is not easy to lose weight after giving birth, that is, you have not seized these 4 points, but believe in 3 distortions." A little information 2020.11.23

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