Why is it so difficult to applaud for love?Novice dad watches here

There are countless hurdles in life.Life is on the way to constantly crossing various hurdles, and stumbles forward.

No, a friend came to me last month to vomit bitter water.Two months after giving birth, after the two couples restored the "bed exercise", she found that this matter was no longer as wonderful as before pregnancy, but made her painful, saying that it was a catalyst that enhanced the relationship between husband and wife and promoted harmony.Now it is just like torture, and there is no "sex blessing" at all.

Speaking of this postpartum couple’s life, it is really a few happy and sad.The mothers around me have resumed sexual life 42 days after giving birth. The husband and wife are loving and harmonious, and it is nothing more than before pregnancy. Some of them are several months or even a year.It is completely abstinence; although some recovery, like me, like me, the experience is extremely poor, from normal physiological needs to completing the task … There are various situations, and individual differences are quite obvious.

Now it is 9102. Regarding the normal physiological needs of "sex", we don’t have to cover up. Let’s talk about it today.

Should I have sex after delivery?

Many traditional concepts believe that they should abstain from postpartum, and some places will even ask the new mother and husband who give birth to the baby to separate, thinking that at this time, I still think that the same room is a manifestation of shame.Why do you have such an idea?

The emergence of this idea is related to human evolution.In ancient times, the living environment was poor, the food was scarce, and the number of babies who could survive was small.Ascence after giving birth can effectively prevent random fertility. After all, people at the time did not understand what was called contraception.When a child cannot be independent, his mother then pregnancy is a very dangerous thing, which means that the parents cannot take into account the newborn baby, and the possibility of the baby’s life will be reduced.

Times have developed to the present. If we are still holding the ideas of the ancient ancestors and implementing postpartum abstinence, it seems ridiculous.

The old ancestor said long ago, "food, sex also."Sex, like eating and sleeping, is a rare thing, and no one can do without it.Sexual life is not just a simple bed exercise. Well, to be honest, it is very important for men.The appropriate sexual life after childbirth is conducive to increasing the relationship between husband and wife and good health.

Some husbands and wives are affectionate. For a long time of abstinence during pregnancy, they can’t wait after giving birth; some mothers feel that they have recovered well, they have their own needs, but they dare not ask their husbands.These compulsory desires are obviously wrong.

Postpartum sex life can certainly have.

When will the postpartum recovery sex life?

Everyone is very concerned about this problem. Generally speaking, it is recommended not to have the same room within 6 weeks after delivery, because this stage belongs to the puerperium, and the uterus and internal reproductive organs have not returned to normal, and the same room is likely to cause infection.

In principle, 6 weeks after delivery, after a doctor’s examination, the reproductive system basically restores normal, has no inflammation, and poor wound healing, etc., and can restore sexual life.Women who have a cesarean section need to be performed after the wound healing because of surgical wounds.Research data shows that most women can restore sexual life within 3 to 6 months according to their physical condition, and the body can restore normal sexual life after 6 weeks of postpartum check -out checks.

6 weeks after giving birth, this is at least time to restore sexual life. Is that 6 weeks after giving birth, the physical condition is returning to normal, and it is abnormal without sexual life?Nothing.

After giving birth to a baby, in addition to physical factors, there are many natural factors affecting sexual life.Reproductive system trauma is one of them. New mothers also have to deal with hormone changes and too many exhausted things in the body.For example, breastfeeding babies, severe lack of sleep, low emotions.6 weeks after giving birth, there is a common situation without desire.

Without the mood, not ready, then ask the dad to wait patiently for a while.After all, this matter is still very particular about interest, it is not too late to wait for mothers to prepare.

Moms should not ignore their dad because they are busy with their babies, affecting the relationship between husband and wife.When you are ready, you may wish to give your dad a signal or say it directly. The baby has been born, so you don’t need to hold it.

For the first time after giving birth, how can we be more wonderful?

In the first sexual life after childbirth, most mothers feel bad, and the feeling of nervousness and pain is no less than the first night.Is there a problem with your own body?Don’t be nervous, in fact, this is the influence of physiological factors, and there is a way to solve it.

Lubricant to help

Due to breastfeeding, the estrogen level in the mother’s body did not return to the pre -pregnancy state. At this time, the vaginal mucosa was congested and the secretions were not many, so the pain in the same room would inevitably have dry pain.At the same time, he must also be at ease to guard against the baby who wakes up at any time. Although he can’t understand, he cries greatly. When he wants to eat milk, he can’t ignore him.In addition, it is necessary to move a little, and make a quick decision to avoid quarrels to the old people next door to help the old people who bring the baby.

The physiological factors are inevitable, then take some relaxation measures, such as the use of reliable lubricants.Reduce pain and increase pleasure. Many mothers list lubricants as conscience when they talk about their first sexual life.

Emotion and skills cannot be less

Dads have more patience and skills than before giving birth, um, that is, the foreplay is more enough.Fully warm -up can help mother relax, so that it will not be too painful after entering the topic.In the process of conducting, more considerate and cooperative, the movements should be as soft and moderate as possible, more caress and communication, and dispel the psychological obstacles of mothers.

Moms should pay more attention to themselves.Wearing large and dilapidated clothes all day, the whole body is dirty, and he hasn’t taken a bath for a few days.Dress clean and beautiful, massage, occasionally relaxation should make you feel better.

Pay the baby to the family in advance, and leave the time and space for themselves and her husband to create an atmosphere.If you just want to sleep on the bed at home, consider going to the bedroom or outside, which may make you passion and make the bland atmosphere more interesting.

Guarantee sufficient sleep time

Before starting to "exercise", try to raise precision, especially women, so that you can have enough energy.

Although there is no direct relationship between sleeping and sexual life, the mothers’ emotions will be affected by sleep.When we do not sleep enough, we will feel tired, sad, depressed or angry, and unlikely to have desire.Imagine that when you get up in the middle of the night and feed and change the diapers, the pig teammates next to you are sleeping. I am afraid you won’t think of getting the sheets with him, but want to kick him out of bed.

Don’t ignore postpartum exercises

When you are pregnant, doctors recommend that you exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 to 7 days a week.But since being a mother, let alone spend 30 minutes to exercise every day. You estimate that you have gone to take a bath.However, finding time exercise can not only improve your figure, but also improve your sexual life.

Studies have shown that exercise will affect women’s satisfaction with sexual life, because physical exercise can drive blood circulation, including blood circulation in the genital area.

In addition to the whole body exercise, the pelvic floor function exercise is also important.The pelvic floor muscles support your uterus, bladder and intestines, but pregnancy and childbirth will make them loose.If there is a postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction, vaginal relaxation, and abnormal contraction, the feelings of sexual life are really not wonderful.Therefore, after postpartum review, we must pay attention to the pelvic floor function test.If there are abnormalities, in a timely manner under the guidance of the doctor, the bottom muscle exercise is performed, and the Kigel exercise at home will be performed at home to improve the bottom of the basin and enhance the "sex blessing" index.

Finally, remind everyone to pay attention to contraception. It does not mean that the menstruation after childbirth does not mean that this will not be pregnant. Do not have a chance to avoid unnecessary harm.(I have also written special articles. Interested mothers can look at the rumors: I wo n’t get pregnant without menstruation after giving birth? Wrong, look here correctly, see here)

There is a good saying that sex life is the starting point of pregnancy, but pregnancy is not the end of sex life.

After giving birth, you can not only have it, but also have a good life.

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