Why is expectant mothers suffering from depression during pregnancy?What impact on the fetus

      Depression during pregnancy will not only cause pain to expectant mothers, but also seriously affect the healthy development of the fetus.

The cause of depression during pregnancy can be divided into two categories:

      First, the significant changes in hormone levels in the body during pregnancy can affect the changes in neurotransmids that regulate emotions in the brain.You are likely to experience these changes at 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and then you will experience these changes again when your body starts to prepare for childbirth.The change in hormones will make you feel more anxious than ever. Therefore, when you start to feel more anxious and depressed than ever, you should pay attention to remind yourself that these are normal reactions during pregnancy, so as not to fall into pain and disappointment for this time.Can’t extricate yourself.

       Second, other incentives that are likely to cause depression during pregnancy include: the history of depression in family or individuals.If your family or you have a history of depression, then when you are pregnant, it is more likely to suffer from depression during pregnancy; there are problems in interpersonal relationships, which is one of the main causes of women during pregnancy and postpartum gestational symptoms.If you have a tense relationship with your spouse and can no longer solve the problem by yourself, then it is best to find relevant experts to consult immediately.Many people think that as long as the child is born, the problem between husband and wife will be solved. In fact, the arrival of the child will only increase the pressure of the husband and wife relationship. Only by consulting and finding the corresponding method is a positive means to solve the problem.

Symptoms of depression during pregnancy?

      If you have the following 4 or more symptoms within a period of time (at least two weeks), you may have suffering from depression during pregnancy.If one or two of them are particularly troubled you in the near future, you must attract great attention.

       Can’t concentrate on attention, anxiety, extremely irritable, poor sleep, very easy to fatigue, or persistent fatigue, constantly want to eat or have no appetite, not interested in anything, always can’t afford the spirit.Continuous emotions are low, I want to cry, emotional rising, and moody.

During pregnancy depression, a serious impact on the fetus:

       Excessive depression will damage the health of the baby, and the emotional fluctuation of pregnant women will have a great impact on the fetus.

        According to clinical studies, pregnant women are overwhelmed at 4 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, which may cause fetal lip distortion and jaw fracture rabbit lips.Sudden changes in the mental state of pregnant women, such as frightening, fear, sorrow, or excessive tension caused by other reasons, can cause the balanced relationship between the cerebral cortex and the internal organs, cause the recycling system dysfunction, cause early stripping of the placenta, and even cause fetal deathEssence

In addition, when emotional uneasiness, the number of fetal movements will be three times more than usual or even ten times higher than normal. For example, if the fetus has long -term uneasiness and excessive physical consumption, it will often be about one kilogram lighter than ordinary infants.The emotions have not been calmed down within three weeks after the quarrel, and the number of fetal movements will be doubled compared to the previous.Emotions during pregnancy have been suppressed for a long time. After babies are born, physical dysfunction often occurs, especially the digestive system function is particularly prone to disturbances. Furthermore, mothers’ emotional fluctuations can stimulate the nervous system to secrete different hormones., Thus affecting the baby’s physical and mental health.

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