Why don’t people get fat during pregnancy, but you "rise" upward

After pregnancy, the skin and body shape of the body will be affected. Some women even feel that they have become ugly after they are pregnant. This is actually directly related to their own hormone secretion.

But some people are not fat. After looking at their pregnancy photos, many people think that female stars are pregnant with a "fake pregnancy"?How can a figure be maintained so well?Except for the stomach, the other parts are still so slender during the whole pregnancy!Lighter than normal unhappy women!They are also pregnant. Why can they "have long fetus and not meat", but they are "long meat and not long fetus"?

1. Change hormone level changes

The hormone level in the human body can affect the content of the body’s muscles and the location of the distribution.After pregnancy, the level of hormones in the body will change, the estrogen increases, and the male hormone decreases, causing fat accumulation.Especially the hips, breasts, upper arms and thighs, plus water retention may occur in the middle of pregnancy, which causes edema and looks similar to getting fat.

Second, people eat two people to make up?Are you sure you are right?

I want to eat more for children’s health?is it right?Why can’t stars eat more?Because people eat it reasonably!Many pregnant mothers in order to ensure the normal development of the fetus, so they usually eat a lot and eat nutritious food.However, these nutrients are really absorbed by the fetus very little, and they are limited.In fact, for expectant mothers, "one person eats two people to make up" is reasonable, but to eat scientifically, there must be a reasonable "diet structure".The diet of their diet is reasonable. Not only can the baby thrive, but the mother will still be beautiful and slim. It is not necessary to use the "sacrifice image" to exchange the baby’s health.

Third, lack of exercise

After pregnancy, women will feel tired and unwilling to move.In this case, it is often lying on the bed without moving. If you do not exercise for a long time, it will naturally cause fat accumulation in the body and cause obesity.In fact, it is necessary to make a reasonable activity during pregnancy so that more health problems can be avoided.

Finally, it is recommended that everyone’s mother needs to pay attention to the amount of food, but the quality of food.Eat more nutritional and eat more for fetal growth.

In simple terms, the basic principles of diet during pregnancy are: diversification, appropriate, balanced, and pay attention to food safety.

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