Why does the female rabbit have a miscarriage?What causes this situation

Rabbit is an animal with the same artificial breeding benefits. Whether it is meat or fur, its income is ideal.There are also many people who breed rabbits now. They need to pay special attention to the breeding of female rabbits. So what causes would be caused by abortion?Let’s take a look at the causes of the abortion of the female rabbit!

1. Lack of nutritional elements

There are many details that need to pay attention to when breeding rabbits. Resting is a big problem. Many female rabbits ignore the breeding problem when breeding, although it causes a miscarriage.One of the common breeding factors is uneven nutrition. The pregnant mother rabbit’s demand for nutrition requires more balanced trace elements in addition to high. These trace elements play a great role in embryonic forming.If these trace elements are lacking, then the female rabbit is prone to weakness and stiffness, and eventually cause abortion.Lack of nutritional elements such as carotene, protein, minerals, etc. are more important. It is best to balance these comprehensive uses when feeding the female rabbit.

2. Improper feeding

The second is the abortion caused by improper operation during feeding. On the one hand, it is the problem of feeding quality, and on the other hand, it is the problem of treatment during feeding.In terms of quality, the feeding material is not clean or not handled well. Some foods that are not familiar with or expired but not obvious are fed, and the female rabbit can easily eat problems.Feeding treatment mainly refers to the food that everyone feeds too cold, or that some methods are too rude during feeding, which will cause miscarriage.

3. Mother rabbit’s own disease

The rabbit itself has a lot of diseases, and the female rabbit is relatively easy to infect diseases, because the mother rabbit itself is not as resistant to the meat rabbit.Some of the reproductive diseases of female rabbits were originally difficult to discover, and these diseases first affect the fertilization of the female rabbit, and then affect the situation of their conception, and finally affect its miscarriage.The female rabbit with these diseases is difficult to reproduce in a short period of time, so it is best to do some inspections for the female rabbit before breeding to prevent frequent abortion in the later period.

4. During pregnancy, infection

The resistance of the female rabbit during pregnancy has basically dropped to the lowest. At this stage, it belongs to the stage when the mother rabbit disease is more diseased. Some factors that have little influence in the outside world may now lead to the emergence of diseases.During pregnancy, infection is a major problem in the abortion of female rabbits. Rabbit plague, Paramia, enteritis, heat stroke, etc. The diseases that are more likely to occur are the key prevention. Once these diseases appear, the female rabbits themselves support themselves.Can’t stop, let alone the young nipples in the stomach. At this time, abortion is just a small problem

The above are some common problems of the abortion of female rabbits. It is best to pay more attention to these aspects of the situation. In particular, when the abortion situation is increasingly obvious, these points are required to avoid excessive losses.

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