Why does the "newborn" baby have eczema?What should I do if I have eczema?


What about baby eczema?

Baby eczema occurs mostly 1 to 3 months after birth, and most of them gradually heal after 1 and a half years old.

The factors that trigger infant eczema are extremely complicated, and it is difficult to clarify the specific pathogenic factors. It can be roughly divided into these two categories:

1. Internal factor

Immune problems, genetic, endocrine diseases, chronic infections, nutritional disorders, tumors, etc. can cause eczema.

2. External factors

In contact or consumption of allergens, skin friction, high nutritional intake, use of strong alkaline cleaning products, and temperature, sunlight, ultraviolet rays and other factors can cause infant eczema.

The cause of eczema for the baby is complicated, and the factors of allergies are the most important, so babies with a family history of allergies) are prone to eczema.

In addition, in order to strengthen nutrition, some breastfeeding mothers are mainly eggs, beef, and lamb.Breastfeeding mothers and seafood products such as spicy food and other irritating foods may also increase eczema children.

Therefore, during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if you find that your baby is allergic, you can consider whether it is allergic to protein and induce eczema.

The principle of the treatment of baby eczema is:

Restore the normal skin barrier function, find and remove the induced and aggravated factors, reduce or relieve symptoms.In addition to the application of corresponding drugs, parents of children also need to pay attention to various details in daily life to achieve better results.

Many parents heard that "eczema" thought it was "too wet", so they worked hard to let the baby’s skin dry, and even let the children take baths.EssenceParents who do so are stopped!

Parents of eczema babies must clarify their nursing goals:

1. When the symptoms are still there, care correctly, reduce the symptoms, and make the baby more comfortable;

2. When the symptoms are alleviated or even disappeared, care for correctly and reduce recurrence.

The correct method of nursing eczema babies: advocate breast milk, add cautious food to supplementary food to avoid overheating, clothing materials and styles

Be sure to prevent your baby from being overheated.Therefore, the clothes should be slightly thin, pure cotton texture, and loose and soft.During eczema, you should put on a large clothes in cotton to avoid friction of clothing and severe eczema.The living environment should also be cool, ventilated and clean.Bath the correct bath and strengthen the moisturizing

When taking a bath, the temperature of the bath water should be low or not. Pay attention to the friction of the baby’s skin too much.It is not recommended to use a towel to take a bath. The temperature of the bathing water should be at 32 ° C ~ 37 ° C. The bathing time should not be too long. Just clean the body when it is hot.EssenceIn short, try to protect this layer of oil protective layer outside the skin.10 ~ 15 minutes each time; bathing with water is recommended. If necessary, use low -sensitivity and non -irritating pH to be weakly acidic (≈5.5) toiletries.

Eczema ointment can be applied on the skin care. It is best not to contain hormone ingredients, such as zinc oxide, not serious, do not want to use eczema ointment, or use ordinary skin moisturizer, apply a lot of application to protect the baby’s skin, it is best to use it.No spice formula.

Topic moisturizers can not only prevent the skin’s evaporation from evaporating the skin, but also increase the water content of the skin; it can also exogenize the skin lipid content, repair damaged skin, and improve the skin barrier function.Use the skin moisturizer immediately within 3 minutes after bathing, the best effect, 1 or 2 times a day.

Don’t be superstitious about the so -called plant or Chinese medicine ingredient ointment.Eczema is very itchy. Babies often grab it with hands. Scratching can cause bacterial infections in the skin. Therefore, you should often help your baby cut your fingernails to avoid scratching to avoid infection.Eczema baby’s skin barrier function is damaged. If it is strongly stimulated by ultraviolet rays, it will inevitably aggravate the condition.Therefore, eczema babies should be appropriately exposed to the sun and try to avoid direct and exposed to exposure.

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