Why does "brown secretion" appear after the girl’s holiday is over?

Menstruation is the "good friend" of women, but it is only the "passenger" of women’s life.Girls come about menstruation at about eleven or two years old. After the age of 45, menstruation will take the initiative to leave and usher in a menopause period.

Menstruation is a female healthy dredging table. It can understand the health status in a timely manner through the menstrual state. It can also prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases, allowing the uterus and ovaries to operate normally, and women’s health is good.

The obstetrics and gynecology department of Ding Yingbo, deputy chief physician of Penglai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital: The normal menstrual cycle is 25-35 days, and the menstrual period does not exceed seven days during menstruation.dark red.

The menstrual period may be congested due to pelvic cavity, and there will be a slight symptom of uncomfortable stomach. If obvious dysmenorrhea considers it is related to qi stagnation and blood stasis, there may also be organic lesions of the uterine ovarian. You need to do a B -ultrasound for examination.

Women’s menstrual rules indicate that endocrine is stable. If menstrual flow changes, changes in menstrual duration and changes in menstrual cycle may be related to endocrine irregularities, and six items of tested hormones are required to condition.

If there is a polycystic ovary, women will not have menstruation for a long time, or the duration of duration after menstruation is relatively long.Even some girls will have a large amount of brown discharge after menstruation. What is going on?

[1] The menstruation is not completely clean

The menstrual period has just ended. Female friends find that brown discharge is found, indicating that menstruation has not been completely discharged. This is normal, but this problem generally does not last long.

Brown secretions can be ended in 3 to 5 days, but if you still have brown secretions after more than a week, you need to be vigilant, which may have something to do with a certain gynecological disease.

[2] Lutectinal insufficiency

After the end of the women’s menstruation, the brown secretion is normal. After menstruation, this symptom is likely to be insufficient luteal function. You need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

In particular, the brown secretion lasts for a long time, and the number is relatively large, which has affected women’s normal life and work. It is recommended to consult a professional doctor and take drugs to improve.

【3】 Gynecological disease

Women have more or less gynecological diseases, such as cervicitis, uterine fibroids, enditis and other menstruation. It is more difficult to clean up, and it is more likely to accompany abnormal secretions.

This situation is likely to be some severe diseases in the uterus. For example, simple gynecological inflammation is likely to develop into cervical lesions regardless of the long -term ignorance. I hope everyone must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Do not drag.

【4】 Endocrine disorders

Women’s endocrine is closely related to menstruation, and abnormal endocrine will cause menstrual disorders. After menstruation is over, if it is accompanied by a large amount of brown secretions, it is likely to be a signal of endocrine disorders.

When this problem occurs, it should be conditioned as soon as possible. Endocrine disorders will bring a variety of diseases, which will also affect uterus and ovarian function, and even make women’s complexion worse and worse.

[5] The discharge of menstrual blood is not smooth

Once the situation of qi stagnation and blood stasis occurs, the brown discharge is more likely to increase the problem of brown discharge after menstruation. If the discharge of menstrual blood is not smooth, the menstrual blood will not be smooth and clean, and it will inevitably accumulate in the corner of the uterine.

During the menstrual period, if the color of menstrual blood is dark and with a large amount of hair, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, which may help improve the speed of menstrual blood excretion.

[6] Caused by the contraceptive ring

In the past, the standards for planning of family planning in my country were very strict. Female friends needed to wear a birth ring for contraception. The contraceptive ring was located in the uterine cavity. If the contraceptive ring responded in the body, it would likely cause the uterine cavity Ambutatic.

When this happens, it means that you are not suitable for wearing a breeding ring. The best way is to take it out in time. If regardless of a long time, it is likely to cause a "walking" phenomenon in the birth ring and cause serious damage to the uterus.

1. Sitting and not exercising for a long time

Sitting for a long time is not good for your health, because if you are not active, the blood circulation will be affected.As a result, the blood circulation of vaginal, ovaries, uterus and other organs is not smooth.

If adhesion appears in the uterus at this time, the problem will increase.It even makes the uterine muscle layer weaker and weaker.For health, be sure to reduce the time of sitting.

2. Abuse oxytocin

The abuse of oxytocin is wrong. After use, it will cause the uterus to contract constantly. It is prone to problems such as subsequent birth bleeding and uterine rupture. It is fatal damage to the uterus.In severe cases, it may also cause pregnant women to lose precious life.

3. Make many flows many times

If you do the flow of people multiple times, it will lead to scars in the surgical area, which can easily cause infertility.In addition, if there are many people in a short period of time, it is difficult to get pregnant. Even if you are pregnant, it will increase the risk of postpartum occurrence and abnormal placenta.

The more times you do, the worse the uterine environment, and more prone to uterine diseases, causing serious damage to the uterus.Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, women who need sexual life need to take contraceptive measures.

4. Use the wrong shower gel

When bathing, women will apply shower gel on their bodies to make their skin smoother.But when choosing shower gel, be careful not to choose alkaline shower gel, especially those with gynecological diseases, which can easily lead to recurrence of the disease.

If you suffer from gynecological diseases, apply an alkaline shower gel will destroy the pH of the private parts, and at the same time kill the beneficial bacteria in the body, which will increase inflammation.

1. Food containing protein

Protein is an important component of human antibodies. It is even more cells for uterus. Embryo development and growth needed. Active an appropriate amount of protein can enhance the uterus to enhance the resistance and improve the ability to repair. Generally speaking, chickens, fish, animal liver liver, Lean, soy products, and dairy products are good protein sources.

Second, foods containing vitamins

Vitamin is also an indispensable source of uterine energy. Regardless of whether it is normal, during pregnancy, or after abortion, appropriate supplementation of vitamins can make the uterus well regulate and resist uterine diseases.

Adult women consume 90 mg vitamin C and 30 mg vitamin E daily, which can greatly reduce the incidence of uterine fibroids and ovarian cancer.In daily diet, animal liver, carrots, fish, eggs, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins.

Third, iron -containing food

Insufficient uterine blood, not only the function will be reduced, but also accelerate aging. Therefore, to maintain the uterus, you should also pay attention to iron supplementation. The best foods for replenishing iron include pork, beef, animal liver, egg yolk, beans, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus, fungus.Sesame, eggplant, cherry, grapes and other foods.

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