Why do you recommend eating more fish after pregnancy?How to choose fish during pregnancy?

As the children of the 421 families become the main force of fertility, coupled with the increasingly important position of women in the workplace, pregnant and giving birth to a child have become important major events in the family discussion.If you succeed in pregnancy, you will become the focus of attention at home. Relatives and friends will give you some suggestions. In all aspects of clothing, food, and transportation, most of them will recommend eating more fish. It is good for pregnant women and good for the fetus. In the future, children’s skin is good and looks good.The brain is still smart.Why do you recommend eating more fish after pregnancy?There are many types of fish. How should I choose fish during pregnancy?

First of all, the main edible fish include freshwater fish and sea fish. They all have the characteristics of delicate fleshy, delicious and nutritious. They are important sources of high -quality protein, or a good source of vitamins and minerals.The rare thing is that the fatty fat content of fish meat is low, while intake of sufficient amount of protein and has a low calorie, which is more in line with the current dietary standards than other meat. This can meet the protein needs of pregnancy.Essence

Secondly, fish and meat also contains rich vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin A and D can promote calcium absorption, prevent osteoporosis, will not lack calcium during pregnancy, and it is very good for pregnant women and fetuses.The most important thing is that these vitamins are naturally contained in food. It is really safe. You can rest assured.

The fish also contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, selenium, iodine and fluorine. The fish is high -sodium food, which is conducive to the balance of minerals.It will feel depressed. By eating fish, you can achieve the purpose of improving your mood. In addition, iodine can prevent thyroid diseases. Selenium is still anti -cancer. Phosphorus is also helpful for brain development, which is very good for fetal brain development.

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can prolong pregnancy and prevent premature emergence.In addition, the omega-3 fatty acid contained in the fish meat contains DHA, which is closely related to the development of nerves in the brain. If the lack of DHA during pregnancy, it will cause baby optic neuritis, blurred vision, or even blindness.It is helpful for the development of fetal vision.

From the nutritional content of fish meat, it is really scientific basis for pregnant women to eat more fish. It is the accumulation of long -term experience in living.Not only helps to maintain the body of the pregnant mother, it is also comprehensive to supplement the various nutritional supplements of the fetus, and it is safe and promotes the healthy growth of the fetus. The most important thing is to improve the mood of pregnant mothers.

So what are the precautions for eating fish during pregnancy?There are so many types of fish, how to choose?

When eating fish, the throat is most afraid of stabbing the card, so eating fish is still less small. Only the main thorns are more worry -free. The selection of freshwater fish can be distinguished according to the shape of and the shape of the fish.For example, catfish, otherwise the fish body is relatively round, such as grass carp and black fish.

It is emphasized that not all fish are suitable for pregnant mothers. Remember not to eat them by mistake.

The first, square fish, because of heavy metal mercury, has a great impact on the development of the fetus’s brain; the second flagfish has the effect of promoting blood circulation and easy to cause miscarriage.

It is more troublesome to buy sea fish inland. It is also possible to eat fish. For health, eat less. If you like to eat, you can consult professionals and listen to their opinions.

Fish is really a very good food during pregnancy. When eating fish, it is cooked according to personal taste. Of course, it can maintain the nutrition of the fish. It is the most perfect taste.

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