Why do you keep the fetus and finally have a miscarriage?Actually, you’re wrong

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers are anxious as soon as they have "wind blowing grass".Some even want to stay directly in the hospital until the baby is safe.

For example, there was a pregnant mother in the group. Because of her a few drops of blood in the early pregnancy, she was asked to lie on the bed for half a year to protect her fetal fetus. She said that she would not walk when she got out of bed.

I understand the love of pregnant mothers very much, but in some cases, there is really no need to protect the fetus.Do you need to keep your fetus in low progesterone?

What is progesterone, which is also known as progesterone, is a hormone secreted by lutein in the early pregnancy.

HCG, also known as "human chorionic gonadotropin", is a hormone produced after pregnancy.Its role is to stimulate the development of progesterone to protect the normal development of the embryo.

It can be said that the production of progesterone depends on HCG changes.In the early pregnancy, the level of progesterone is unstable. Generally, a physiological reduction will occur at about 7 weeks of pregnancy, and then rebounds.

This means that progesterone is a state of constant change, and it may be different even during the same day.Therefore, low progesterone cannot directly obtain a threatened abortion.

At this time, the general doctor will recommend a review to focus on the situation of HCG. Sometimes it is necessary to do a B -ultrasound to help comprehensively judge.

If the HCG doubles is good, but the progesterone is low, then there is no need to intervene. If the progesterone is low, and the HCG doubles is not ideal, this situation means that the embryo quality is not good and the possibility of abortion is likely to have a miscarriage.Essence

Therefore, the correct logic is that due to the low quality of the embryo, the progesterone is low, and there may be abortion, not because the progesterone is low, which may cause abortion.Vaginal bleeding, will abortion?

A low progesterone makes the expectant mothers nervous like this. If you encounter vaginal bleeding again, I believe few people can calm down.However, not all vaginal bleeding is a threatened abortion.

This is because there are a lot of vaginal bleeding, and this bleeding phenomenon in early pregnancy is common.

This is because there are bed bleeding after one week of ovulation, and the separation of the choric membrane and the uterine wall will bleed, but these bleeding will gradually improve with the increase of the gestational week, and there is no need to worry about it.In addition, if there is cervical polyps, cervicitis, etc., a small amount of bleeding will also occur.

Therefore, expectant mothers, find vaginal bleeding, do not worry first, seek medical treatment immediately, let the doctor help judge the bleeding situation, and whether to protect the fetus, and follow the doctor’s advice.Should we stay in bed for a long time?

In my country’s "Guidelines for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Premature Diagnosis", it is pointed out that bed rest will not have any benefit to the fetal protection.In addition, "lying flat tires" will also increase the risk of intravenous embolism, osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, and affect cardiopulmonary function and digestion function.

There is also a bed rest, which will increase the pressure and mental burden of pregnant women, allowing pregnant women to be in a period of anxiety for a long time. They are always worried about fetal development, which is not very good for pregnancy.

Besides, if you walk gently, the fetus will have a miscarriage, which also shows that the embryo quality is not good. Even if the child is barely born, the child may be a defect.

Therefore, moderate exercise and rest during pregnancy are necessary.If you do some aerobic activities half an hour a day, it is good for pregnant women’s weight control and cardiopulmonary function, but the specific degree of exercise needs to be carried out according to its own situation and the doctor’s guidance.

Be more nutrients if you protect your fetus?

When you are pregnant, Baoma itself must supplement nutritious food in time, which is not only conducive to fetal development, but also helps pregnant mothers with immunity.

However, during pregnancy, a very important medical examination indicator is weight, and there are strict requirements for sugar intake. Especially for pregnant mothers with diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, the nutritional replenishment requirements are even stricter.

If the pregnant mother is enough nutrition, there is no need to supplement nutrition at all, these excess nutrition will have some bad impacts on the fetus and pregnant mothers.

Therefore, even if you want to keep your fetus, you must eat according to actual needs, not blindly supplement.

In fact, most pregnant women do not need to be treated.Blind tires will only make the result worse.

There are certain laws of survival of the fittest, and the same is true of pregnancy.Once you are pregnant, for pregnant mothers and fetal baby, you can learn to relax and go to the hospital for medical examinations on a regular basis to learn more about pregnancy.

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