Why do you have to eat bird’s nest when you are pregnant?Why are there so many people who are willing to pay for IQ taxes?

Recently, I watched a good documentary-"Nourishment of Everything", which is a food that is nourishing in life through various geographical environment, such as the sea cucumber in the episode of the ocean;One person said that it is very uncomfortable, and I like the rest of the content, including the food, characters and life stories it introduces, make me feel very real.

What I was impressed by is the bird’s nest mentioned in an episode.

I often hear that elders say that bird’s nests are nourishing products, and the initial understanding of it is limited to that it is a tonic product and its price is expensive.

After watching this documentary, I am very interested in it, so I have more knowledge of it.

In fact, in more cases, we exaggerate it. Bird’s nest is actually a supplement with a very low cost performance, and in the market, the good and bad of goods are different.In fact, it was dyed with bird manure.

Some readers may not know much about bird’s nest. Let me briefly introduce it here.

Bird’s nest is actually a nest made of saliva that is built by saliva. They are mainly living in the coast of Southeast Asia and my country in the coast of Fujian and Guangdong.Because it is rich in salivary acid, amino acids, and protein, it is loved by pregnant women.

Here I want to talk about saliva. It is an indispensable nutritional element for the human body. During the fetus and infant period, there is no enough salivary acid, so the immunity may be affected.But in fact, babies can get enough saliva from breast milk, so there is no need to worry too much. There are still many foods in daily life that also contain salivary acidic acid, such as eggs and milk.Human saliva can also secrete 40-60 mg of saliva every day.

In fact, bird’s nest is not fake, but its cost -effectiveness is low. The market has many counterfeit and shoddy products. Ordinary people cannot distinguish it at all. Therefore, we can abandon bird’s nest to find other alternatives.

For example, eggs, milk and fish can be replaced.And in terms of protein, bird’s nest is not as good as eggs and milk; trace elements in bird’s nest can also be replaced by yam and fungus.

Therefore, eating bird’s nest is a bit of an IQ tax.

Mainly because of the exaggeration of bird’s nest, it affects the entire market.The bird’s nest itself is rare, but the propaganda and promotion, causing a pregnant woman to have the illusion of a healthy child without eating bird’s nest, which leads to supply and insignation.

If you are also buying bird’s nest, instead of consulting your doctor what you really need according to your actual situation, then you are paying IQ tax.Instead of spending a lot of money, buying bird’s nests and eating bird’s nest, it is better to eat something that babies really need, try to exercise the body, and develop diet scientifically is what we should do.

Of course, it is not an opportunity for unscrupulous merchants.Some merchants will take off or wait for the abandonment of the nest, and they will deal with their young people and quickly get the bird’s nest.

In short, there is, there can be, but it is not necessary!

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