Why do some pregnant mothers protrude, and some of them are recessed?Mainly these three reasons

I believe that after learning that she is pregnant, the kind of joy in the initial performance is really difficult to express in words. As the pregnancy age increases, the baby in the belly will increase every day. At this timePregnant mothers pay special attention to their physical changes, especially the three stages of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers cannot take it lightly. The inspection items that should be done must go to the hospital on time to check it.Generally, in the middle of pregnancy or in the third trimester of pregnancy, basically many pregnant mothers will speak to the fetus across the belly, and frequently touch their belly to make intimate contact with the fetus. At this time, some careful pregnant mothers will find that their belly buttonThere is a protruding phenomenon, but although the navel is protruding, there is no feeling at all. When some sensitive pregnant mothers find this situation, they start to be nervous.The mother’s placenta is closely related, so when the fetus is in the pregnant mother’s belly, it is also connected to the pregnant mother through the navel to obtain a source of nutrition. After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the navel can reflect many things.

Since Danny’s pregnancy, as the pregnancy age increases, the fetus has increased in the belly every day, Dani has begun to give the fetus prenatal education.No, two days ago, when the pregnant father came back, he wanted to touch Danny’s belly and see if the fetus responded, and found that Danny’s belly button was protruding. So when he was at work the next day, he asked several.Colleagues, their daughter -in -law was protruding when the navel was protruded when she was pregnant. As a result, some of the pregnant mothers were protruding, and some were concave.Speaking, some are recessed?In fact, it is mainly caused by the following three reasons.

1. Whether the skin of the pregnant mother is tight

We all know that after pregnancy, because the fetus will increase with the increase of the pregnancy age, the belly will become larger every day. For some pregnant mothers in the lack of skin tension, stretch marks will be prone to. At the same timeAnd other pregnant mothers are relatively tight and elastic, even if the fetus increases, the navel will not protrude, and the stretch marks will be relatively small.Whether it is tight is closely related. In addition, remind the beautiful women who love beauty here. If there are too many stretch marks on the belly during pregnancy, you can use some products that enhance the skin elasticity after delivery, so you can use it, so you can use it, so you can use it, so you can use it, so you can use it, so that you can use it, so that you can use it, so that you can use it, so that you can use it, so that you can use it, so that you can use it, so you can, so that you can use it, so you can, so you can use it, so that you can use it, so you can use it.Effectively alleviate the denseness of pregnancy marks.

2. Pushed out of the fetus

Generally, the navel of pregnant mothers is more common in the third trimester, because at this time, the fetus is basically taken in the stomach of the pregnant mother, so if the fetus has some movements or exercise, it will make the pregnant mother perceive that if the fetus excessive exercise exerciseThen the pregnant mother’s navel is very easy to protrude, so this is actually normal. The pregnant mother does not have to worry too much, but if the pregnant mother finds that the navel is prominent, and it is accompanied by abdominal pain, at this time, it must be definitely definitely.Go to the hospital for examination in time.

3. The pregnant mother is too tired

We all know that after pregnancy, the family status will be different, especially for the mother of the mother -in -law to take care of the pregnant mother’s family, and it will not let the pregnant mother do this.Mom take a good rest, just raise a tire at peace, but there are also some families. Only the pregnant mother is alone, and the burden of doing housework naturally falls on the pregnant mother alone. Although the pregnant mother can do some housework appropriately during pregnancy,But remember not to let yourself be too tired. If the pregnant mother has a physical fatigue and fatigue due to housework or exercise, the pregnant belly is under pressure from the outside world.Dads, in the usual life, try to help the pregnant mother share some housework, give the pregnant mother some care and consideration, and inform the pregnant mother’s most important task as long as you can keep your fetus with peace of mind.

In fact, for pregnant mothers, there are still differences in the convex navel protruding in, but basically these changes are normal. If the navel is uneven and accompanied by physical discomfort, the pregnant mother must be sureGo to the hospital for examination in time to prevent the health of the fetus because of their own negligence.Finally, I wish every pregnant mother who can give birth to a baby safely and smoothly.

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