Why do postpartum mothers have back pain?Mainly related to 4 factors, the last point is the most common point

At the moment of the baby’s birth, Bao Ma is more happy. They think that it is the happiest thing in life to grow up every day.But after taking the baby, there are a lot of troubles, such as getting up in the middle of the night to feed the child’s breast milk, bring the baby to the back pain, etc., the belly is bitter.

What makes many Baoma understand is that she does not have a lot of labor, and she has no back pain before. Why do they have it after taking the baby?

According to statistics, about 40%of women after giving birth will cause back pain.It may be related to 4 reasons:

Before pregnancy, it broke the core of the body’s core

During pregnancy, as the fetus grows bigger and bigger, the development of various organs is becoming more and more complete.The protruding belly parts bear part of the body.In order to make the body find a balance, the daily activity can not fall without falling, and the extensor in the waist needs additional strength.

This state breaks the core of the body’s core, and it is easy to cause lumbar muscle injury to cause back pain for a long time.Even after giving birth, this phenomenon has not been relieved, and back pain will continue to occur.


Some treasure moms are on the baby, all of which are personally doing it.If you often take a bath, breastfeeding, coax your baby to sleep in various postures, and usually lie down for a long time, sit for a long time, etc., the waist minister is in a tight state for a long time.Back pain.

The belt is tightly tied

After unloading, many Baoma wants to restore her perfect figure before pregnancy as soon as possible.

Checking relevant information, there are the top of the top of major sales websites, there are restraint bands.It is said that it has the effects of discharging lochia, preventing internal organs, restoring body and minus small belly, and relieving low back pain.The restraint band.

It is advised that Baoma should not do this. A large number of research information shows that the restraint belt does not have a magical effect. Most Baoma does not need to use it after giving birth.The special special is that the maternal cesarean section may cause the abdominal wall incision pain due to cough, crying and laughter. At this time, you can use a restraint belt.

When tied, it is necessary to pay attention. The tight band is tight, which can easily affect the blood circulation of the waist, increase the abdominal pressure, and cause pelvic vein congestion, uterine prolapse, stomach acid reflux, etc.Back pain.

Incorrect breastfeeding posture

After giving birth to a baby, most Baoma faces breastfeeding problems.Once a long -term feeding posture, such as cradle feeding, the waist is not supported, but will increase pressure on the waist muscles and cause low back pain.

The correct method of feeding is that the mother’s body and the baby’s body are on the same straight line. If you are sitting and feeding, you can put a cushion or a small pillow on the seat to support low back pain to support the waist.

Mom, have you encountered postpartum back pain?Is the reason for the above four points?Welcome to leave a message to share your breeding experience.

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