Why do only women come to menstruation?What does it have?Is it unique to humans?

The online survey in 2016 showed that the most annoying sentence girl was "drinking more hot water".This is much more unexpected for boys. Drinking more hot water boys may not hear it often, but they can hear several times a month with girls.After all, girls will come to menstruation every month. At this time, male friends will use more hot water to obscure. After a long time, it will naturally cause the other party’s dissatisfaction.

So the question is, why do women come every month?Is this a unique physiological function of our human beings?

In fact, menstruation is really not unique to us. Senior mammals will have menstruation. To be precise, their "menstruation" should be called "seasonal" or "year menstruation".Take a dog, for example, the vaginal vaginal opening of the eight months of birth will bleed. These blood and women’s menstruation are the same thing.It’s just that the female dog’s holiday cycle is much longer than humans, and their vaginal bleeding will wait until four or five months.The female individuals of ape monkey, elephant, and cattle, horses, and sheep in nature have different menstrual periods, and even mice will come to routine leave!

Seeing the hearts of the girls here are a bit balanced?However, humans and spiritual longes are a strange existence in mammals.The average interval between our human menstruation is 28 days, and the duration is generally 3 to 7 days. This is too frequent compared to other mammals!

"The Tao Te Ching" has a cloud: "The world is not benevolent to use everything as a dumpling dog."Nature is cruel and ruthless. Human beings can become a great role in the long -term menstruation of all things. The reason for the formation of menstruation Modern biology has already given scientific explanations.

Mature women discharge eggs every month. These eggs are attached to the endometrium, and combination with sperm will form fertilized eggs and develop into embryos.However, not every egg will be combined with sperm. When the eggs are not fertilized, it will fall off with the endometrium with the endometrium for a certain time.In simple terms, the eggs also have a shelf life. It is impossible to attach to the endometrium. The endometrium periodic loss of endometrium ensures the quality of the female eggs.Exposure, this is the origin of menstruation.

The shorter the time period, the shorter the cycle of this species is.Our human women come to menstruation every month, which ensures that human maternals can be estrus at any time, so that the reproduction of our human beings is not limited by time.Human beings do not like other mammals, and the sexual mating needs to wait for a few months. They are willing to mate for a period of time each year. This indifference is related to their long intervals.

So, human women are very great!The pain of the few days of the month was exchanged for the prosperity of the entire human population.If this is not the case, we will be the same as the giant panda, because of "coldness" and become endangered species.

Human women come to menstruation every month, which is actually a way to do it.Because our human babies have a large brain, in general, the number of female uterus breeding fetuses will not exceed two. In most cases, only one baby is produced in one child.Essence

Although the number of human uterus carrying embryos is not large, it is exquisite.This physiological mechanism has laid the foundation for our high IQ. In short, use "time to change space"!Cats, dogs and other mammals are completely opposite. Their females follow the route of "space for time".Although they can’t get pregnant at any time, they can produce four or five -child cubs when they are pregnant. If they think about the quality of these animal cubs, it is impossible to have the brain like our baby.

It can be said that human talents are exchanged by mothers every month!

In fact, menstruation is not only painful and discomfort for girls, and menstruation is also good for women.According to the conclusions obtained from medical research, regular menstruation can effectively reduce the probability of women with cardiovascular disease, and it can also increase the vitality of female hematopoietic stem cells.At the same time, women can judge their physical condition through menstruation. Is it sick?Where is the body problem?Both can be inferred from the reaction period.

In ancient times, medical testing methods were underdeveloped, and many doctors diagnosed the condition according to the menstrual conditions of women.It can be said that menstruation is a health detection agent that female friends comes with.This function is not available. This may also be one of the reasons why women’s average life span is higher than men.

All in all, menstruation is not a burden on women. It is the crystallization of our evolution for thousands of years. Sisters should not be troubled because of menstruation. Its emergence has sent humans to the throne of nature overlords.The emergence of women’s menstruation makes it possible for human beings to estrus at any time. This vigorous reproduction makes other species be at no way.Therefore, when boys do not have a girlfriend to come on vacation, it is perfunctory to say "drink more hot water".

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