Why do I have to do a B -ultrasound during pregnancy?In the early pregnancy, pregnant women generally have these 5 reactions

With the development of the times, the continuous progress of medical technology has moved forward. Now B -ultrasound checked technology has reached a new platform. B -ultrasound can not only detect diseases, but also observe the development of diseases.The application of gynecological B -ultrasound is also widely used. For women, gynecological diseases can be checked, and behaviors such as pregnancy can be checked.

B -ultrasound can find pregnancy.B -ultrasound can not only check whether you are pregnant, but also observe whether the fetus develops normally in the palace.

B -ultrasound can be performed in about 5 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, you can check whether you are pregnant. You can observe the pregnancy sac at 6 weeks. The 8 -week B -ultrasound can see the fetal heart beating.The B ultrasound is an important examination in the early pregnancy, and it is also a must -have for pregnancy during pregnancy. Because the fetus cannot use the naked eye in the palace whether it is normal to observe the naked eye, you need to use the B -ultrasound to check whether the fetus can develop normally in the palace.You can also check the numbers of the fetus, the size of the fetus, the position of the fetus, etc., and you can also observe the activity of the fetus in the palace, whether there are problems such as umbilical cord around the neck.

B -ultrasound can also be speculated that the fetus has been speculated for a few weeks according to the situation of the fetus in the palace.B -ultrasound examination can be distinguished or female at 4 to 5 months of pregnancy.Pregnant women should record the number of fetal movements per day in detail. If there is frequent fetal movements or reduces, they should go to the hospital to go to the hospital immediately to avoid the symptoms of fetal hypoxia.On -time B -ultrasound examination has no effect on the fetus, which is also one of the best clinical pregnancy tests.

Of course, the B -ultrasound could not immediately check whether it was pregnant after ten days. The initial pregnancy can be checked with the help of urine tests and blood tests. The blood test is the most sensitive method for early pregnancy.After 15 days of discontinuation, urine tests and blood tests can be used. The urine test can be checked by test strip. The blood test can be measured from the mother’s blood 10 days after fertilization. The HCG value is increased.

1. The earliest symptoms of pregnancy are menopause. When menstrual delayed or stopped, you should be alert to whether you are pregnant.

2. The symptoms of early pregnancy reactions include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, saliva, etc.

3. In early pregnancy (pregnancy), frequent urination can occur, because the uterus continues to increase compression of the bladder to produce urine.In the middle of pregnancy (after 12 weeks), frequent urination can disappear by itself, and then frequent urination in the late pregnancy can appear again.

4. Breast change.At 8 weeks of pregnancy, breasts are affected by estrogen and progesterone.

5. Increase leucorrhea.Increase in vaginal secretions is a common physiological phenomenon, usually white, containing mucus and falling vaginal epithelial cells.At the same time, pregnant women should change their underwear to avoid infection. If they are not suitable, go to the hospital immediately.

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