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Leucorrhea is a mixture of vaginal and cervical secretions. The drawing leucorrhea we said actually refers to the brushed cervical secretions and cervical mucus.Cervical mucus is the guard of the cervix, blocking the entry of foreign objects.But at the ovulation period, the cervical mucus will receive the instructions of the superiors to relax the guard, so that the friendly sperm can go through the cervix more smoothly.The specific manifestation is that it becomes transparent, bullets, elasticity, and can be pulled into a silk thread, like egg white, like snot, like glue.

The most abundant day or the next day on the brushed cervical mucus is usually ovulation day.Arrange the same room in time!

Image source network: Cervix is the second largest level of sperm and eggs to meet

Fixed time every day, fixed method:

The first: wipe method.

Suitable for people with more leucorrhea.Use white toilet paper to wipe the external vulva.

The second: insertion method.

Suitable for people with less leucorrhea.Wash your hands thoroughly, sit down or squat, insert a finger into the vagina, approach the cervix as close as possible, and remove the cervical mucus.

*It is best to stand for a while to allow the secretions to flow down

After removing the mucus, observe the appearance and feel of the mucus.Not much mucus

If there is no mucus or mucus on your fingers, it means that the body does not have ovulation at present, which is not conducive to conception.Sticky mucus

If the mucus is sticky, it may not ovulate and is not conducive to conception.Cream/lotion -like mucus

Creamy mucus is a good thing, indicating that you are about to ovulation and are not conducive to conception.Wet/water -like mucus

A sign of ovulation or ovulation is conducive to conception.Egg white mucus

A sign of ovulation or ovulation is most conducive to conception.

Here we must emphasize a focus:

Do not dying to pull the brushed lattice, and water -like leucorrhea is also conducive to conception.You didn’t observe.The most accurate way to observe the brushes is to take the mucus at the cervix.Physical/diet/stress problem.Not everyone, there will be a rust of lattimonia every month, I am.Close to menopause.Generally speaking, the older the number of days when the drawing leucorrhea appears.No normal ovulation.For example, in breastfeeding, contraceptives are taken, and polycystic.Gynecological inflammation.Inflammation caused the leucorrhea component to change.

It should be noted that more than 80%of the reasons for infertility are abnormal ovulation, sperm and fallopian tube.If you don’t have these problems, don’t worry too much about the problem of cervical mucus.Drink more water.Use sperm -friendly lubricant (can try too much partner ~).Under the guidance of a doctor, take some dietary supplements that increase cervical mucus and regulate endometrium.

I hope everyone is a good pregnancy in textbook model!

The polycystic cannot be completely cured,

I don’t want to run the hospital every month,

I hope to understand what happened to my endocrine,

And how to control it in the most gentle and effective way.

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