Why do expectant mothers grow hair on my belly during pregnancy?Is the old man said that this is really the case?

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are very hard. Not only should she experience pregnancy, cramps, and constipation, but also to face some particularly embarrassing things, such as long hair on the belly.

However, when the old man at home see the long hair on the prospective mother’s belly, he will say that it must be a male doll. Is this really the case?

Yanyan and her husband became pregnant shortly after her wedding.Yiyan’s mother -in -law quickly came over to serve as soon as she heard her daughter -in -law.It should be said that her mother -in -law is very good to Yan Yan, so Yan Yan is also grateful to her mother -in -law.

When Yan Yan was almost four months pregnant, she saw her originally smooth belly, and she had a lot of hair, which made Yan Yan a little embarrassing but strange.

So Yan Yan told her mother -in -law, and her mother -in -law was very happy when she heard it, and said, "The belly has good hair, and the belly is definitely pregnant with a boy. This child must be a big grandson!"

However, Yan Yan didn’t agree. She felt that this was a feudal superstition, but she did not argue with her mother -in -law.However, the only thing that made Yan Yan unhappy is that the hairy on the belly was too ugly, dark and long, and felt that she was almost becoming a "man’s wife".

In a blink of an eye, Yan Yan was about to give birth.After hard work, Yan Yan successfully gave birth to a female treasure and broke her mother -in -law directly.

After seeing a female baby, her mother -in -law was a little embarrassed but didn’t say anything.However, her mother -in -law was not a little male and female at all. She was particularly good for the mother and daughter of Yan Yan. She never mentioned that her belly was long.

After pregnancy, the hormone in the body will fluctuate, and these hormones will promote the growth of the expectant mothers.

Moreover, most of the hair that expectant mothers will concentrate near the navel, and there are individual expectant mothers, which will appear in the nipple, chest, and back, and have no impact on the baby’s development.

Each expectant mother’s physique and skin quality is different, so not every expectant mother will have hair. Some hairs are very small, some are smooth, and they are not at all.

However, expectant mothers do not have to worry about the phenomenon of long hairs that will slowly disappear with after childbirth.

Whether the prospective mother’s belly has a long hairs and has nothing to do with the gender of the baby’s baby. There is no scientific basis. The long hair is only related to the hormone in the expectant mother’s body.

Therefore, the saying of "the belly has long hair, and the belly is not long."

1) Specific mother’s nose becomes larger

Some expectant mothers will increase their noses after pregnancy. This is because the increase in the physical hormones of expectant mothers will cause congestion in the nasal mucosa and edema of the nose. Visually watching the expectant mother’s nose will become larger.

This is a normal phenomenon. After the baby is born, the expectant mother’s nose will slowly return to normal.

2) The hips of expectant mothers become larger

Many expectant mothers will become wider and thicker than before. This is also because of the influence of physical hormones, the hips of expectant mothers are easier to accumulate fat.

3) Increased exhaust of expectant mothers

Some expectant mothers will increase significantly after pregnancy, and the taste will be a bit heavy, which makes many expectant mothers embarrassed.

In fact, this is related to the intestinal tract and hormone changes of expectant mothers, so expectant mothers can usually eat less flatulence food, and then perform appropriate amounts of exercise, which will be alleviated.

4) Specific mothers gum swelling and pain, toothache

Many expectant mothers will have oral problems after pregnancy, such as gum swelling and pain, toothache, and loose teeth.This is because the hormone in the expectant mother increases and the gums are stimulated, and bleeding and inflammation will occur.

The toothache of the expectant mother is caused by the increased pressure in the pulp cavity of the teeth. After five months of pregnancy, it will improve, so the expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

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After pregnancy, expectant mothers remember to relax, rest more, and avoid tiredness and cold!

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What changes have you ever appeared during pregnancy?

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