Why do babies have birthmarks?In addition to genetic factors, two reasons during pregnancy need to pay more attention to

Let the children have a beautiful appearance, look good and flatter, this is the wish of all parents.However, for various reasons, some children have birthmarks at birth. These birthmarks grow in different parts of the body, and the colors and shapes are also different.This makes lovely parents very anxious, fearing that it will affect the child’s face value from this. Such concerns are not redundant.

Xiaoyu is a beautiful post -90s mother. Since her pregnancy, she has imagined the baby countless times. After more than 9 months of pregnancy, she finally ushered in the birth of her baby.

But the moment she saw her daughter, Xiao Yu was a little stunned. After reacting, she clearly saw that there was a mark on the baby’s forehead, which was purple -brown. Although only the size of the nails, she was particularly obvious because she grew in a prominent position. She was particularly obvious.It is also possible to grow up with age.

The most serious thing is that for a girl, saying that the birthmark does not affect the appearance, it is self -deceiving, but this is the end, so I have to wait for another way.

In fact, many children have birthmarks at birth, and there are many types. This is a very common phenomenon.Some birthmarks are ignored because they are too small, and some are not easy to find because they are not obvious. There are very few children who do not have birthmarks at all.


Under normal circumstances, the birthmark is hidden under the baby’s skin.Its surface is relatively smooth and smooth. It can be seen by the naked eye. It does not feel touching with your hands. As the age increases, this birthmark will gradually disappear.Common moles

This is a common birthmark. At the beginning, the area was not large, and some even had only needle tip.However, as the baby’s age increases, this mole will gradually expand and the color will gradually become darker.

Vascular birthmark

This is not an ordinary birthmark, but a hemangioma. The surface of this birthmark is relatively rough. When you touch it with your hands, it feels uneven, and it feels obvious. It is more dangerous that this birthmark may have AI changes.

The birthmark affects the aesthetics. At the same time, there is a risk of AI changes to a certain extent. Only after excluding the possibility of cancer can it be used to treat it. This is an unavoidable thing.

genetic factors

The birthmark is related to heredity. If the parents have a birthmark, the child may have a long birthmark, and there is a probability that it will appear in the same position.

Affected by the environment during pregnancy

The appearance of birthmarks is also closely related to the environment of mother life.After Bao Ma’s pregnancy, if he lives in places with severe air pollution for a long time, or often breathe higher concentration chemicals, due to these adverse effects, there will be opportunities for long birthmarks.

The problem of the fetus itself during pregnancy

Fetal baby has lived in the mother’s palace for a long time, which is a more crowded space.When it is developing, if you like to move, you will also grow birthmarks because of squeezing.

It must be noted that of several reasons for the growth of birthmarks, genetics only account for a small proportion, and the environment and their own reasons will account for more than 80 %.In order to ensure the child’s health and beauty, Baoma should take corresponding measures to avoid the occurrence of birthmarks.

Live in a good environment

The bad environment is easy to make the baby grow birthmarks, so as long as you don’t give such opportunities, the birthmark cannot grow.Therefore, Baoma should pay attention to life when preparing for pregnancy, try to choose a place with good air quality as much as possible, which can effectively avoid risks.

Try to make up as little as possible

Many women love beauty, even after pregnancy, because of some chemicals in cosmetics, it is unavoidable to cause birthmark growth, which is not advisable.In order to do a good job, Baoma during pregnancy is best not to make up. Even if you have special needs, you should try to minimize the number of makeup.

Eat more light food

After the mother is pregnant, she should eat more light food, too spicy and greasy food, which will increase the chance of the baby’s long birthmark. This should be avoided.

If the child has a birthmark, parents don’t have to be too tangled.There are many medical methods now, specifically for the treatment of birthmarks. As long as you seek medical treatment in time, you can completely overcome the adverse effects of the birthmark and allow your baby to restore a beautiful face.

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