Why do "aunt" always "report" in advance?Perhaps it is related to the 6 points of the body

Whoops, my stomach hurts a lot, give me a cup of hot water.

Is your aunt this month ahead again?

Yes, who knows, it was about 7 days in advance last month, it was really annoying!

For women, there are big aunts every month, just like women’s healthy barometer, he can make everyone’s hearts particularly practical on time. Eating menstruation often makes many people worry about whether they are pregnant, whether they are sick of illness, whether they are sick.It is always confusing?


So how long is the aunt’s cycle?

In fact, the period of menstruation is mainly the time for the endometrium of the human body. About about one month, the endometrium will fall off once due to changes in hormones in the human body, and then bring the endometrium and part of the mucus and blood intoEssence

The menstrual cycle of women is about 21 days to 35 days, and this range is normal.Simple understanding, this month you have a menstruation on the 1st, so next month may still be No. 1. You can calculate the real time interval according to your own menstrual cycle. After all, the number of days per month is different, but many peopleBut I found that my aunt was always advanced. What was going on?


Why do "aunt" always "report" in advance?Perhaps it is related to the 6 points of the body


Many women have a birthplace in their bodies. After all, they are foreign objects, which will cause discomfort to the body, and even reject reactions, causing menstruation to advance in advance.The ring or the person adopts other ways of contraception.

Blood heat in the body

Most women prefer spicy foods that are spicy and stimulating. They do not know that these foods can easily lead to blood and heat in the body. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, blood heat can easily lead to blood breaking, blood circulation speeds up, resulting in advanced menstruation.Some people take health products to delay aging, resulting in blood nourishing blood and nourishing qi, most of the medicinal materials, and excessive body absorption of fire, which affects the menstrual cycle.

Premature ovarian failure

The ovaries will continue to secrete estrogen, which directly affects menstruation. Once the ovarian function decreases premature failure, the amount of estrogen secretion is reduced, resulting in advanced menstruation.Generally, women around 40 years old may have premature failure may have appeared around 30 years old. Wrinkles on their faces are accompanied by wrinkles, spots affect fertility. If they find less and less menstruation, or even too much in advance, they need to be treated in time.

⑷ Endocrine disorders

Today’s women get the kitchen in the hall, which causes emotional instability, which causes endocrine imbalances for a long time. Menstruation is constantly advanced. In fact, you can choose to adjust your own pressure.Stability, menstruation will slowly recover.

⑸ Gynecology

If there is a gynecological disease, it is also the cause of the advancement of menstruation, such as infection of gynecological inflammation. In addition to affecting menstruation, it can easily cause itching in private parts, increased secretions, endometrial shift, and so on.You can usually observe more. If you are uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts, these diseases will also affect the menstrual cycle in time.

⑹ Excessive diet

In order to maintain a perfect figure, many women choose the extreme method of diet to lose weight to sacrifice health. Although the early effect is obvious, the later rebound is more serious.Long -term dieting leads to severe insufficient qi and blood affecting endocrine, irregular menstrual cycles, and early menstruation. You need to pay attention to your own diet structure.


Menstruation is advanced and delayed, which one is "harmful" to the body?

From a medical perspective, it is more serious whether menstruation or pushing in advance for more than a week, that is, irregular menstruation.

Most of the irregular menstruation is due to endocrine disorders caused irregular ovulation or hormone affects the endometrium lesions, causing hyperplasia and long -term hormone abnormalities, leading to premature ovarian aging, or even ovulation and infertility.

In general, the long time or pushing time of menstruation is abnormal. Usually, you should pay more attention to conditioning, that is, life intervention, no effect, then comprehensive examination and scientific treatment.

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