Why did the dream wake up as soon as the critical moment is?

Have you ever had the following dream experience: dreaming of a large table of food in front of you, when you are about to eat, you suddenly wake up; dream of getting married with idols, when you are holding a wedding, you suddenly wake up; dream of seeing it; dreaming of seeing it; dreaming that you dream; dream of seeing it; dreaming that you dreamed of it.When you are happy with the person you like, when you are about to climax, you suddenly wake up;


Freud once said that dreams are the satisfaction of wishes.He mentioned such an example in the book "Analysis of Dreams":

Once, Freud took the whole family to travel, and their destination was at the foot of a beautiful mountain.His 5 -year -old son particularly likes a hut on the mountain, but according to the route, they will not pass through that hut, and the son is disappointed.But one night, he suddenly told Freud that he dreamed of going to that hut when he was sleeping.

The all kinds of dreams we have made can also be said to be a desire that has not been realized in reality, but why did it suddenly wake up when we were about to realize in the dream?

Our emotional changes are related to the neurotransmitters in the brain. They are divided into two categories: one is excited and is conducive to maintaining soberness; the other is inhibitory and secrete more in the sleep state.

Under normal circumstances, inhibitory neurotransmitters will inhibit excitement neurotransmitters and keep us sleeping.However, when there is a dream, due to a pleasant emotion, the excitement nerve secretion of the brain will gradually increase, and the end to overwhelm the inhibitory neurotransmitters will suddenly wake up.

In other words, when we are emotional, we wake up from the dream.This emotion can be positive or negative.In other words, you can wake up from the nightmare, which is also based on the same principle.

The original intention of this mechanism may be to make us respond in a timely manner -when we encounter real danger, we can choose to fight or escape; and when we encounter danger in dreams, wake up is equivalent to equivalent to equivalent to equivalent to equivalent to equivalentEliminate danger.Unfortunately, it also made us lose a good experience, because the setting of physical function is mainly to allow us to survive, not let us enjoy it.

However, you may also find that although you are excited, you may not wake up. Why?

This may be related to the stimulus intensity of dream content.Although some content is exciting, it is still within your affordable range, or it is not something you particularly desire or fear, then it will last longer.This dream.

Take myself, I have made a nightmare that I can’t find a car home everywhere in the evening.The routes you usually take are usually gone. If you want to transfer to other routes, you can transfer to the car. As a result, you do n’t want to transfer the car or change the line. Anyway, you ca n’t go home smoothly.In this dream, I can experience some anxiety, but I am not very scared.If you encounter particularly fearful and unbearable nightmares, you will wake up immediately.

According to Freud’s theory, people have consciousness, former consciousness and subconscious.The desire to be satisfied with dreams originally existed in the subconscious. It has some concepts that are not recognized by social morality. They are suppressed by consciousness when they are awake.Previous consciousness entered a state of consciousness.

Before arriving in consciousness, it will go through a censorship mechanism to modify those unremitting ideas and present it with a consciousness.

During the censorship, dreams gradually noticed that the human body began to be awakened.When the dream reaches a certain spiritual strength, people wake up.

Regarding the generation of dreams, there is a theoretical statement that dream is a subjective product of brain neurological activity.During sleep, consciousness has weakened the constraints of the brain’s thoughts, and many thinking fragments are randomly moved, and there are messy pictures.The cognitive system tried to explain these pictures, so there was a dream.

This view also shows that the content of the dream comes from our own experience.If you lack some experience in reality, your dream will lose the corresponding raw materials and cannot be fabricated out of thin air.

Many years ago, I often dreamed of the scene of my marriage, but I didn’t know what the groom looked like. I always looked for grooms everywhere at the wedding scene.Once I finally came behind him, at the moment he was about to turn around, I suddenly woke up.

Presumably, I was still very vague about the concept of the other half at that time. I didn’t know what kind of object I wanted, so dreams could not give the answer.

Human sleep is divided into 5 stages. In the first four stages, the sleeping phase of sleep is usually considered in the general sense.At this stage.

These five stages are a sleep cycle, which lasts about 90 minutes. After that, it will enter the next cycle. Circulation is recovered. Human sleep is composed of several cycles.

Therefore, when dreaming, it is in a stage that is easy to wake up, and there is a process of dream from the beginning to the climax itself. It consumes a certain period of time. As a result, the progress bar at a critical moment is not enough.

Some people say that they always wake up when they dream of a noise (such as broadcasting). In fact, the alarm sounds in reality. The ringtone appears in the dream in another form. It looks like a sign of dreaming.In fact, it was time to get up.

Dreaming at a critical moment suddenly wakes up, maybe the mood brought to you in the dream is too strong, maybe you lack relevant experience, or you may just happen to be in the stage where you are about to wake up.In view of the good or bad of dreams, this function of the body is not completely bad.

If you want to know what the dreams of different contents wake up halfway, I suggest you feel the emotions at that time, and think about why you have that emotion, what does it have to do with your life, you are, you are, you are, you are inWhat do you want, or are you afraid.

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