Why did I take contraceptives and my wife was still pregnant?

1. After dinner at noon, the husband was called to wash the dishes by his wife. Due to the busy playing mahjong, the husband finished washed it with a thunderbolt.Oh, even the pit is not as good! "

Husband retorted: "Then why don’t you cook rice?"

2. One day the poor uncle took his nephew to the street. The nephew said that he wanted to eat. The poor uncle had no money and did not want a child to look down on him. He said: What do you want to eat?There are all on the street, with jelly, cold noodles, KFC, called flower chicken, rice noodles, leaf rake …

The nephew suddenly glowed in his eyes: wow!I haven’t eaten the same!What do they look like?

Uncle: The jelly tastes the smell of gypsum, the cold noodles look like a wool, and it tastes like it. KFC is all fried chicken buttocks.Ye Errai is like a stool. Which one do you want to eat?

At this time, the nephew shook his head in fear, and then vomited …

3. 1. I am very handsome, so our class leader always approached me in order to attract my attention, such as regularly arranging me, sweeping toilets, and garbage.EssenceEssenceAttempts to attract my attention in this way.EssenceEssence

2. A female classmate who had been in love for a long time came to school to play with the forest. The girl came ashamed and looked up secretly at me and lowered her head. I think she must be dumped by my handsome dress.It’s right.

After half an hour, we said goodbye. Who knew that the girl told the class teacher that the head teacher punished me to sweep the toilet because it turned out to be.EssenceEssenceI am a ghost to scare female classmates!

4. Colleagues Xiao Wu changed into a spring costume, and said to the beauty of the beauty very proudly: Isn’t it handsome? "

The beauty little king carefully looked at Xiao Wu and said: Costumes, if you have a style, you are the first to wear, that is called avant -garde; everyone starts to wear it, it is popular; everyone has been wearing it for a while,It’s timeless; everyone is not worn anymore, you are still wearing, that is the old man; in the end the people on the earth are not worn, you are still wearing, that is called personality!

Xiao Wu asked: What about my body?

Xiao Wang: Look at your hat, avant -garde!Shirts, popular!Jacket, outdated!Pants, old soil!Casual shoes, that is a personality!

Xiao Wu: What about it?

Xiao Wang smiled badly: In general, only people with nervousness can wear you like this!

5. Jay Chou played "Dragon Fist" to Chen Xiaochun. Chen Xiaochun said "You’re Right" afterwards.

Jay Chou made "Double Stick" to Andy Lau, and Hua Zi, who played, shed "Lone Star Tears". Lu Fang came to persuade "Friends Don’t Cry". Hua Zai cried: "Men cry is not sin"!

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