Why did anyone buy a pregnant woman’s urine?Is it a scam for pregnant women’s urine acquisition?Learn about

Urine is a very good "farm fat" for farmers.In the past, farmers planted crops, and they all used farmhouse fertilizers.

At that time, many farmers’ homes would put a bucket in the hut, which was specially collected.When planting vegetables or other crops, dilute the urine and pouring it on crops, which is very beneficial to grow.

Then you know that in recent years, there have been "high -priced" vendors who have recovered urine in pregnant women in some rural areas.They are often driving a small tricycle, with a striking large word saying "recovering pregnant women with high prices."Some bosses with thick skin will even repeat the radio over and over again with broadcasting.

It is estimated that many people are very shocked. I have heard of recycling old mobile phones, old computers and waste book paper, but the first time I heard the recycling of urine.What is the use of these recycled urine?Why can it be a pregnant woman?Is it a scam?Let’s find out together.

First of all, you can tell you that some vendors go to the countryside to recycle the urine of pregnant women. This is real and not deceiving.There were also media reports before, and there was a friend of the editor. She said that some people in the village specially acquired the urine of pregnant women.

These pregnant women’s urine can generally sell for three or five yuan per kilogram.However, the vendors do not use money to acquire. Most of them use some laundry fluids, laundry, stainless steel washbasin, or toilet paper, urine and other things to change.

That is, the amount of urine purchased at one time can be exchanged for different products.This routine is the same as that of the vendor with stainless steel washbasin.

The author’s friend told me that her sister was pregnant a few years ago, and then I collected the urine during pregnancy and replaced some laundry, laundry liquid and toilet paper.It seems that they are all small products, but it has saved a lot of expenses in a few months.

Secondly, why is the urine of pregnant women?For some people who have been parents, they should know whether women are pregnant. As long as they go to a pharmacy or hospital to buy a gestational bar, put it in the discharged urine, you can know if you are pregnant for a while.It’s right.

The reason why the urine of pregnant women can know the results as soon as they come into contact with these pregnancy test reagents. This is because after women are pregnant, the hormone in the body will change, especially a kind of chorionic gonadotropin (referred to asHCG) will increase significantly, and it can react with the contact reagent, so I know if it is pregnant.

And some vendors go to rural areas to buy urine for pregnant women because of this velvet promotional.Because it is only available when women are pregnant, they only need women’s urine during pregnancy, and it still has high value and has important research value in medicine.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a kind of glycoprotein hormone, which is critical to maintaining normal pregnancy.When women are pregnant, the pill-promoting prime in the body starts to rise rapidly, reaching its peak in 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, and then gradually decreases.

This is why when some people go to the countryside to buy a pregnant woman’s urine, they will specifically ask about pregnancy time, and the price of urine in the early pregnancy is much higher.

Finally, what is the value of pregnant women’s urine?In fact, rather than the value of pregnant women’s urine, it is better to say that the value of velvet promotional in the urine is used, because the collected urine is used to extract the velvet promotional.

Human choricular gonadotropin is very widely used in medical treatment. For example, this ingredients are needed by pharmacies and hospitals. This is one of the most important uses of human chorionic gonad hormones.

In addition, it can also be used to make fetal medicine.It is understood that the human luteal dysfunction of velvet fur membranes is useful for female luteal dysfunction, functional uterine hemorrhage, early pregnancy -omen abortion, and habitual abortion.

In fact, the ancients had discovered its value for the use of urine.Like the farmers before the mountains, if they were accidentally injured by some insects, they could be cleaned when they were extremely itchy.In addition, urine will also be used in some of the folks.

In addition, urine is used in some places in my country to cook eggs.However, there is also a requirement for urine, so it must be a boy urine.

Even today, in Dongyang and other areas of Jinhua, Zhejiang, the boiled eggs of children’s urine are still very popular. At present, it is still an intangible cultural heritage in Dongyang, Zhejiang.The price on the market is still very high, and it will sell for more than 20 yuan.

In fact, in recent years, a lot of unpopular business has appeared in the countryside. It seems that some are not reliable, but the profits are very considerable.For example, some people go to the countryside to buy old houses, or old woods, old stone artifacts.Although these businesses are unpopular and few people do it, the profit is very considerable.

In the end, it is estimated that some people will have doubts. How do vendors know whether it is the urine of pregnant women?Aren’t you afraid of adultery?In fact, in rural areas, most people are very simple and will not fake them.Even if there are individual adulthood, the vendors are very savvy, and most people cannot confuse them.

Dear friends, do you encounter the urine of pregnant women at high prices?Welcome to leave a message!

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