Why can’t your menstruation come on time

Menstruation refers to a regular periodic uterine bleeding.

Normal menstruation is a symbol of women’s reproductive health.

Xiaodong is 25 years old this year.

It is often postponed once every 2,3 months, and the longest time has not come to menstruation for half a year.

When Xiao Dong was a student, he felt comfortable without menstruation and was not troublesome.

Now that I have talked about the object, I know that irregular menstruation will affect pregnancy, and I am anxious.

Xiao Dong is often upset:

"Why the menstruation of others comes every month,

And I have to look forward to the stars and hope of menstruation,

Always do not wish.囧 囧 囧 "

Today, Dadu will talk to all sisters

The key to the aunts coming on time:

Menstruation is a periodic loss and bleeding that the endometrium occurs with cyclical changes in the ovary.

After women enter adolescence, under the action of vertical gonad hormones, follicles gradually develop and secrete estrogen. Estrogen enables the endometrium to thicken.Under the effect, the endometrium of the uterine endometrium is converted to the endometrium. If the eggs are not fertilized, 14 days after ovulation, the luteal atrophy stops the secretion of estrogen, endometrial necrosis and falling and bleeding, forming menstruation.

simply put,

Without conception, a follicle has gradually developed and discharged, and menstruation will come in 14 days.

In the final analysis, menstruation can be understood as a bleeding that happened without the sperm of eggs without the sperm of the egg.

Therefore, menstruation will be one of the signs of mature personalities.

Therefore, the reason why women’s menstrual menstruation gradually has fertility function is the prerequisite for women to ovulate once a month and have a prerequisite for conception.

Speaking of this, you must have known the sisters,

Menstruation is not timely, which is actually caused by abnormal ovulation.

The menstrual situation of Xiao Dong has already stated that the problems of her ovulation system need to be treated in time.

Of course, in addition to medical intervention,

We have found that the ovary is very fragile, and many factors can affect ovulation.

Such as staying up late, obesity, stress, emotion, tobacco and alcohol, improper weight loss, etc.

They all say that women are better to herself,

Living regularly, cooperating with exercise, it is important to adjust your mind ~!

Don’t forget to live a good life in order to cater to this society or some people who are not worth it.

In this rapidly changing modern life,

Only if you are in good health, can you have the capital to pursue the life you want ~~.

Only when you ovulate normally, you have the capital choice and the other party to have a child, or you will not marry frozen eggs.

Of course, choosing Dink is also pretty good.

Let’s talk about it here today.

In the next issue, Dadu will talk to the sisters with a lot of menstrual flow and less. Is the more menstrual flow, the better?

Please follow me: Dadu, I will meet again next time ~~

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