Why can’t Meng Jingxian wait to tell Zhen Ye as soon as she is pregnant?It’s not just as simple as showing off

In "Zhen Huan Biography", there are many opponents of Zhen Huan, such as the first summer and Dongchun, Hua Fei, An Lingrong, of course, etc., but these are all in the palace. Zhen Huan also has an emotional opponent.Meng Jingxian.

Meng Jingxian married into the palace with Huanbi, but it is clear that King Guojun is more inclined to like Meng Jingxian more. He likes to take her everywhere, and Huanbi is always in charge of the trivial matters in the palace.

Meng Jingxian is a very interested woman. It can be seen from the wedding night. At that time, King Guojun went to Huanbi room after being drunk.Well, it can be seen that she is by no means leisure.

Sure enough, shortly after marrying to the palace, one night, she drunk the King of Guojun and dressed as Zhen Huan. This night made her conceive to the child of the King of Guojun.At this time, King Guojun, for Meng Jingxian, even if there was no love, seeing the children in her belly, there was a relationship.

Meng Jingxian was just pregnant, and the fetus had not been steadily, and she should not be preached everywhere, but she couldn’t wait to enter the palace to meet Zhen Ye and give up the news of her pregnancy.What does this mean?Is it really just as simple as showing off?

It must be there in the heart of showing off. She has long found that the person who fell in love with Guojun for seven years was by no means Huanbi, but Zhen Huan.Now she has successfully conceived the child of King Guojun. Of course, she has to talk to Zhen Ye and let her die to King Guojun.

In addition, Meng Jingxian’s second meaning is to tell Zhen Ye that she already has the child of the King of Guojun, hoping that she can warn Yu Yin and not to make the child born safely.

Sure enough, when Zhen Ye heard Huan Bi said, "Meng Jingxian has the child of the King of Guojun, and he has no place to stand in the king’s house." He immediately warned her: "You are also the mother of the child in Meng Jingxian’s belly.. As the second lady of Niu Lulu’s family, she wants to be good. "

Meng Jingxian’s second purpose was achieved.And her third purpose is to tell Zhen Ye that you see that I already have the flesh of the king of Guojun now. You and him are both before. In the future, you will be your noble concubine, and don’t bother Wang Ye again.

With Meng Jingxian’s mind, when she knew that she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to find Zhen Huan. It would not be as simple as showing off. She wanted to keep this child.EssenceFinally, King Guojun moved her. I believe many people found that when Meng Jingxian died, the performance of King Guojun had been exposed. He had already fell in love with Meng Jingxian!

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