Why can’t I always be pregnant?"Send Zizi Guanyin" tells you the real reason

Born and childbearing is the ideal of many childcare couples.But in real life, many young couples cannot do so.The cause of infertility is more complicated. If it is caused by congenital physiological defects, non -food therapy and drugs can work.If the husband and wife cause infertility due to a certain factors, they can be treated by drugs or food.For infertility couples, medical treatment in a timely manner, finding the cause of infertility is the first, and the cause can be treated in order to be targeted.

In the case of inconsistent information with the doctor and patients, many patients are doubtful about the causes of infertility.The following summarizes a few questions that everyone is most concerned about may lead to infertility:

1. Take a long -term contraceptive pill

Short -acting contraceptives mainly play a role in suppressing ovulation. In the process of inhibiting ovulation, women usually cause less menstrual flow.Therefore, if the couple has the needs of fertility, the time of continuous use of short -acting contraceptives should not be too long. For example, about half a year should be replaced with contraceptive methods or other contraceptives, and try not to take the same drug for a long time.

2. Less menstrual flow

The menstrual flow is rare because the patient’s endometrium is thinner.It is recommended that patients who have a small menstrual volume and fail to get pregnant. After ovulation, go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination to check the thickness of the endometrium. If the endometrium is really thin, and the monthly menstrual flow is relatively small, in this caseIt may cause infertility.Under normal circumstances, if women are trying to get pregnant at the age of 35 but not successful for more than half a year, it is recommended to actively check and be alert to the possibility of infertility.

3. Genital herpes

Genital herpes generally does not cause female infertility, because genital herpes generally occur in vulva, vagina and cervix, and will not have a great impact on pregnancy.However, the genital herpes virus may affect the embryo and may cause abnormalities in the embryo, but it will not affect pregnancy.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy refers to ectopic pregnancy, and 90%of ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tubes, most of which are not smooth because the fallopian tube is through, so that the fertilized eggs cannot enter the uterus smoothly.However, if there are only one side of the tubes on one side of the ectopic pregnancy, the fallopian tubes on the other side are normal and smooth, and the ovarian ovulation on this side may be able to get pregnant normally.

5. Gong Han

Women’s palace Han may lead to infertility, but not the only factor in infertility.The dialectical theory of Chinese medicine has chills and heat, and there are deficiency and reality. Hot and blood stasis can affect pregnancy.Women with infertility in Gonghan want to condition, and can use Wentong’s traditional Chinese medicine, such as Wen Jing Tang and Ai Fu Nuangong Wan, etc., can solve the problem of Gong Han.

6. Stay up late

Staying up late will not directly lead to a female infertility, but staying up late is not a good habit. For women, staying up late will be more wounded, which may affect the ovarian function of women.For patients with poor ovarian function, it is recommended to have regular daily life and rest in daily life, and properly use yin -nourishing drugs and food to cooperate with treatment.

7. Cervicitis

Cervicitis is likely to cause infertility, because cervicitis can increase the secretions of inflammation of the uterine mouth, which will have a certain impact on sperm entering the uterine cavity.Therefore, if it is acute cervicitis, it is prone to uplifting infections and pelvic inflammatory disease. In addition, pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease itself will also affect pregnancy.

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