Why are women more likely to have cervical spondylosis?

1. Women have more cervical spondylosis than men, not accidental.

2. Several stages:

1. During the period and working period of young students, the root cause of cervical spondylosis

Women, whether they are studying or general occupation, are still more in their literature, such as office, bank, accounting: two characteristics a. Long head: cervical spine muscle strain women’s muscles weak., Blood does not raise tendons. Women are mainly blood, men are mainly qi.

2. Periodic period, aggravate the development of the cervical spine: a. Women during pregnancy because of their children, the center of gravity moves forward with the belly, the force line balances and destroys, and the cervical often needs to bow its head to confirm that the stomach is safe. This has a bad impact on the cervical spine.

b. In the late pregnancy -time pregnancy -two types of hormones -progesterone and relaxation peptide — the purpose to relax the pelvis — convenient production. But this effect also relaxes the muscles and ligaments of the neck and waist, which causes cervical spine protectionLost, —Stysically destruction of the cervical spine

C. During breastfeeding, maternal hugging children, feeding (bowed head), which are easy to cause cervical spine problems.

3. Menopausal: Women’s seven or seven pulses are deficient, too much pulse is too small, the heavens are exhausted, and the authenticity is not the same.Full of filling, congenital kidney passage, maybe later. But this is the natural law of human development. Conforming to it is the heavenly way. Now many western medicine uses estrogen drugs. Delaying this rule. We Chinese medicine believes that it is a pouring of the kidney in advance.The method of fine. It is not recommended. But there is no scientific basis, so many people do not believe it. In the past two years, when I was working in a foreign hospital, one of the doctors said that they rarely used estrogen because it has been reported that estrogen can be confirmed that estrogen canIt can induce breast cancer. Therefore, it can be seen that the Yellow Emperor’s Nei Jing of Chinese Medicine is a very reliable and credible work. By the way, the advantages of the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine for menopausal syndrome are very large. Those who add acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help women at this stage.Cross.

Having said that, menopausal women, due to the great changes in the body, the menstruation is gone, and there will be several changes in blood stasis and blood.

a. Solding inside, if it does not communicate, it hurts, so if the meridians of the cervical spine are blocked, there will be a neck or even shoulder pain.

b. If you do not discharge blood, you will not cause new blood. This will slowly cause the sepanion of the disc loss, thereby decreased the support of the bones, and it is easy to produce problems such as cloak, dislocation, hyperplasia and other problems.

c. At this stage, calcium loss began to accelerate. It caused greater problems to bones.

These are the foundation of cervical spondylosis.

3. After talking about the periodicity of women, talk about some unwavering actions and behavior mode.

Drag to cut vegetables and stir -fry dishes — are all long -term low -headed labor.

Buying vegetables, raising heavy -back backbone bags, etc. Due to the relatively weak women’s muscle strength, it will cause uneven shoulder stress, and eventually cause cervical spine problems.

Lying on the bed and reading a book, the head is leaning on the bedside, and the upper body is hanging. Now many women like to sit in this way, hurting the cervical spine very much.

4. Others: Regardless of men and women, but it is also very common to mention here

1. Trauma, flashing, often pillow, accidental impact, etc. There is no systemic treatment. If you raise it yourself, you will leave the disease environment: air conditioner, many people feel that it is nothing to do, because this is not a disease immediately. (The ancient words have clouds.: Winter fever in the cold, spring must be sick), like a wealthy bag, not a day of appear. The bad habits accumulated over time are the most difficult to treat.

5. What are the dangers of cervical spondylosis?

1. Common: headache, neck pain, dizziness, hand numbness, neck is afraid of cold, fear of wind. It affects the quality of life.

2. Stroke: According to statistics, more than 90%of stroke patients have cervical spondylosis. Everyone does not pay attention to this, but you look at this data in turn. Didn’t you find that 90%of people with cervical spondylosis have something to do with stroke?There is a very famous sand bed theory.When the river slows down, the sand loves to sink the bottom.I have encountered one recently. The patient came to the doctor because of the sequelae of stroke. After 15 days of treatment in a hospital, I didn’t see any improvement. I came to me for treatment. I only treat it three times and improved a lot.Evaluate, they can feel that they have to change. Why is my treatment faster than them? The trick is that patients who treat strokes will definitely treat him with cervical spine and improve the cervical spine, which is equivalent to improving the blood supply of the head. ThenIf the blood supply is better, the recovery speed is naturally faster. If you read here, you can go back and try to see if I say nothing.

3, brain atrophy: Insufficient blood supply, atrophy will occur if the brain cell nutrition is not enough. But this development is very slow, it is not easy to detect. Generally, the impact of 5 to 10 years will be found to change, but at that time, it is already a bit late. The most common. The most common.The cerebellar atrophy.

4. Tinnitus; if you press the nerve root, a unilateral tinnitus will appear. I have a patient, the right ear tinnitus, go to other places to see that some are bile, get angry, and watch the other family.As a result, it was not good to take Chinese medicine for a long time. I gave him acupuncture and technique to clear the neck blocked, just a few tinnitus.

5. Stubborn insomnia: The first and second cervical spine compression of the sympathetic nerves. This kind of insomnia can’t sleep, there is no sleep, and many can only rely on western medicine to sleep, but in fact, if acupuncture and positive bone adjustment will be effective for two weeks. BecauseThe root of the disease is in the cervical spine.

6. Trigeminal neuralgia; this also has a lot to do with the cervical spine. Western medicine research trigeminal nerves and neck pillow large nerves are connected. Therefore, the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia must not only cure the trigeminal nerves of this disease, but also treat the cervical spine.

Summary: To treat cervical spondylosis, you must not only use acupuncture to clear the meridians, but also adjust the muscles and bones with bones and bones. Treatment is like playing chess.Immediately relieve the patient’s pain, and adjust the treatment method according to the situation of each patient, and consider the problem of prognosis and recurrence. Traditional Chinese and Western medicine are treated.The meridian theory of Chinese medicine and the theory of western medicine and the theory of force.

Prevention: Provide a few directions for everyone.

In the internal classics, the form of the form is full of ingenuity. Therefore, the gesture of living habits, the usual rehabilitation action is particularly important.

Sleep — Pillow, let’s talk alone after this.Please pay attention to me first. What kind of pillow to choose on the side lying on the side is actually a suitable pillow to play a very important role in the cervical spine.After all, one -third of the day is spent on the pillow.

Holding things -what can help for the cervical spine? Everyone thinks about the child’s birth four fingers holding the thumbs. The liver blood is full. Because the internal menstruation has a cloud: the liver is bloody and can be held.Speaking of letting go. In fact, this is the truth. The cervical spine has the most close relationship with the liver.

Kite swimming — These two movements have a characteristic, both look up. The movement of more heads is good.

The above is some of my understanding of the combination of cervical spondylosis. The first time I wrote an article. Thank you for reading. I will share some of my experiences. I also hope that everyone will gain some of them.

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