Why are pregnant women prone to constipation and what should I do if constipation? Correct prevention is correct?

For constipation, which are high -incidence people?Many people will say that they are the elderly. In fact, there is another crowd with very high constipation.

Most women have had constipation during pregnancy. Some people could not adjust them after pregnancy. In the end, a frequent constipation problem will be left. Many people will ask why pregnant women can easily lead to constipation?In fact, there are many reasons for constipation. The most common are the following.

1. Pregnant women’s hormone problems

The hormone in the body changes after pregnancy. For example, the secretion of gastricin is reduced. Maybe everyone has heard of this hormone for the first time. In fact, the main role of this hormone is to promote intestinal peristalsis.Then the intestinal content will stay for a long time. At this time, the intestine will absorb the moisture in the content of the content, so that the content of the content will become dry, which will cause constipation to occur.

Many people see that this hormone has a great effect, does it feel higher, the better?In fact, this is not right. If this hormone increase also indicates that the body has diseases, such as tumors, ulcer -related diseases, and so on.

For most pregnant women, this hormone will return to normal level after childbirth, with a normal value of 5-300ng.

Second, overdose

There are a few great events in a person’s life. Among them, pregnancy and having children are the top priority. Many women will be surrounded by various foods after discovering pregnancy.Posterior nutrition, pregnant women eat various supplements, such as various meats, fish, eggs, and so on.

In fact, it is not wrong to eat some such foods appropriately. After all, it is the body of two people, but most of these foods contain less dietary fiber, which can easily lead to constipation.

Third, the reasons for pregnant women itself

Some people are not serious in constipation in the early stages of pregnancy, but as the degree of increased constipation of pregnancy is also getting higher and higher, the main reason for this is the baby.

With the continuous development of the baby, the shape and position of the uterus will change. The position of the uterus of women is really embarrassing. In front of it is the back of the bladder.Therefore, as the uterus continues to increase, it will cause compression to the front and rear to cause corresponding symptoms. For example, when compressing the bladder, it will cause frequent urination or incompetent urination, and the intestinal tract behind will cause constipation.

These symptoms are normal physiological problems, and as the month increases, the degree of these symptoms will be reduced.However, due to the constipation caused by long -term compression, many people still have the problem of often susceptible to constipation after pregnancy.

Fourth, insufficient exercise

For most people, as long as they are pregnant, they will be protected like giant pandas.It can cause obesity because not exercise can cause fat.Therefore, the lack of exercise is also one of the common causes of constipation.

5. Take medicine

In order to make babies healthier, many girls will take some vitamins or trace element drugs. The most commonly used is iron supplement drugs. Why do iron supplements?In fact, it is to prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia, but taking this drug may cause constipation.

Because the participation of oxygen in the human body requires oxygen, the chemical reactions can occur. If too much iron drugs are taken, the oxygen consumption will increase. What are the symptoms of human hypoxia?The most common external manifestation is dizziness. Although the oxygen consumed by the iron does not reach this level, it is enough for the intestines. At this time, the intestinal tract will weaken.There will be constipation.

The above five situations are common reasons for most pregnant women to have constipation. When pregnant, they should pay attention to all aspects, but if they do too much, they have a bad impact on their health. Therefore, female friends who are pregnant should pay attention to scientific breeding.The following common sense is helpful for preventing constipation during pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to the health of diet

It is really important to make up for it, but it is necessary to eat reasonable meals. Pay attention to eating more foods with high dietary fiber, such as celery, sweet potato, and so on in the usual diet.

Drink plenty of water on weekdays. Don’t be afraid to run a few more toilets. Drink plenty of water and constipation.It is recommended that pregnant women drink about 1.5L a day.

Just pay attention to drink boiled water.

2. Drugs need to be used with caution

Now it is a market economy and pregnant women are a group of people with great consumption, so many merchants have set up this business opportunity. They will try to promote some so -called health products. Here, it is recommended that female friends be more vigilant and during pregnancy.Many drugs and health products cannot be used casually. For example, the iron drugs taken are not eaten at any time.

Therefore, if you really want to take some drugs, it is also taken under the advice and guidance of the doctor. Do not listen to the people around you say that taking a certain drug is very useful, a certain drug is very powerful.It may be useful to them, but it is not necessarily applicable to themselves!

If the constipation is very serious, then please go to the local hospital to consult the doctor and do it according to the doctor’s doctor’s advice, such as using Kaisu.

3. Appropriate exercise

Yoga and so on.

Although women who have been pregnant in the past are still reporting in the gym, these are still a minority, do you not imitate it!

Fourth, habit and psychology

Pregnant women are more sensitive due to the impact of hormones. If constipation at this time will put pressure on female friends, they will worry about it, causing the habit of unwillingness to go to the toilet. This will increase the severity of constipation.It is recommended that pregnant women develop the habit of going to the toilet daily, and to form a physiological reflection through repeated stimulation.This is very helpful for alleviating constipation.

I just said that many women are very anxious when they are pregnant, especially for the first time as a mother, female friends are more common, and excessive anxiety can also cause constipation.Pregnancy is a happy thing. Don’t worry about this and worry about that, tell your family if you have something.At the same time, the family of pregnant women should also pay attention to it, and accompany them more on weekdays, bring them out to walk out.

Pregnancy is a process that most girls have to experience, and enjoy a process of breeding of new life.Although this process is a bit twisty, I believe that it will be successfully completed with the help of yourself and his family.

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