Who is the culprit of women’s ovulation?

Who is the culprit of women’s ovulation? We all know that pregnancy is important to ovulation with women. Only the chance of pregnancy in the same room during ovulation will be greater. HoweverEssenceBut why are there many patients who have grown up, but just do not ovulate? Let’s take a closer look.

What factors can cause women not to ovulate

1. Excessive weight loss

While pursuing a slim body, you should also pay attention to nutritional supplements. Most women reduce weight by dieting. This situation can easily lead to women’s malnutrition, fat and weightlessness in a reasonable proportions, which will lead to amenorrhea of women’s amenorrhea., Do not ovulate.

2. mental emotions

Poor spiritual emotions can also cause women’s endocrine disorders. Even after learning the illness, do not excessively nervousness, anxiety, panic, etc., you should use reasonable methods to regulate your emotions. This mental functional disorders should be used.It can cause hormone secretion, which can easily cause women to not ovulate when it affects ovarian function.

3. Systemic disease

Systemic diseases such as severe malnutrition or lack of some important nutritional factors in diet can affect ovarian function and cause infertility; chronic diseases, metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroid diabetes, and adrenal dysfunction can also cause infertilityEssence

4. Drug impact

Some drugs can destroy interaction between the brain and ovaries, inhibit ovulation and prevent pregnancy.

5. Ovarian dysfunction

We all know that ovarian is a place for ovulation, and if disorders occur, it will cause ovulation.In addition, the primary and amenorrhea of the ovarian and the amenorrhea, premature ovarian failure, organic damage, tumor, inflammation, etc. can cause ovulation.

6. Central disease factors

At present, the dysfunction of the hypocrites-pituitary-ovarian axis can cause menstrual disorders, including ovulation-free menstruation, amenorrhea, etc.Passionate tumors can also cause ovarian dysfunction and cause infertility.

Through the above -mentioned introduction, I believe that everyone understands the factors that cause no ovulation. Patients should go to a professional and regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time, and treat them according to their own causes. After cure, normal fertility will be resumed.Experts remind female friends that if you find that you have no ovulation, please go to a professional and regular hospital for examination and treatment in time to avoid infertility.

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