Which supervisor is the most unbearable?What kind of colleagues are the least entertained?This questionnaire information is so large!

"The volume is not moving, don’t make meaningless overtime anymore!"

"For a few years of work, only the hairline is growing …"

"PPT must be beautiful, and the report must be comprehensive

When can the form be greater than the content? "

The same world, different troubles

Speaking of "workplace"

Everyone seems to have endless bitter water

CCTV recently launched an online survey and voting

Tell your workplace trouble

Invite everyone to "don’t vomit"

Received the feedback from many netizens

Let’s take a look at this "Workplace Tucao Conference"

Have you hit your voice?

"This brick is really hot"

Overtime and internal scrolls that dare to be angry or dare to speak

A show of a "Investigation Report on the Status Status Statistical Status Status" of the workplace show

91.6%of the workplace people need to work overtime more or less

84.7%of the people in the workplace after get off work

I still pay attention to work -related information

Regarding "How do you deal with get off work after work"

3.17%of people will choose to ignore directly

Most people in the workplace

Although it is troubled by "work news after get off work"

But it still depends on the situation

Reply to the work arrangement

A hot discussion on the Internet

Workplace term "Touching Fish Working overtime"

I don’t leave the leader

"Overtime" when you touch the fish, "overtime" anger brushing the presence

Such a "fish -touching" overtime seems funny

But it has already become

The rules of some units "unwilling to mind"

For many people in the workplace

The form of "overtime" that flows in form will only be tired of increasing

No one can see the end of the "volume"

"This cake is really unpalatable"

Crazy leadership

Feedback according to the public workplace confusion collected by CCTV

You can find the word cloud chart

"Leadership" these two words

Become the workplace keywords in the workplace

There is such a sentence circulating in the workplace

"Sometimes I want to escape from work

But the disgusting leader "

About "in the process of getting along with superior leadership

What are the aspects that make you feel unbearable?"

Many netizens have selected the leadership characteristics they hate

Among them, "painting cake bragging, different words and deeds"

"Tone to refer to qi"

And "instructions are unclear"

Rules of the top three!

Facing unclear expression, total demand change,

Grancoloral and unreasonable leadership

The plan changed the seventh edition

Last Back to the first edition

Do you have such an experience too?

"This pot can’t be moved"

Complex workplace interpersonal relationship

"There are all birds when the forest is big"

Everyone in the workplace is different in style

Different personality

Insufficient friction is inevitable in working together

The interpersonal relationship in the workplace is also allowed to make the people in the workplace

An important factor in "tiredness"

Display in the questionnaire

Start in the workplace


Not adapt to "the sound outside the string of the leader" and not adapt to it


Don’t adapt to "weak communication skills at work"

And 55.56%of people will be because of

Can’t tolerate the "team atmosphere poor" and leave

The work of hard work and due diligence is not seen

The back pot alternative has become the first place

About "What type of colleagues do you hate most"

In the voting of Weibo, it aroused everyone’s extensive discussion

Many netizens said

"It’s annoying!"

"How to jump this slot"

Confused career promotion and choice

Work, day after day, year after year

Follow the same rhythm every day

Do about almost the same thing

Seems to be stable in the workplace

But suddenly reacted on a certain day

Is this here for my promotion in my workplace?

Should I move?

Have you ever thought like this?

In our questionnaire

22.22%of people indicate their workplace status

For "elderly people in the workplace, hope to seek change and prepare for job change"

Recommended "job change"

Maybe there are many people in the workplace

It regards it as a way to promote

However, truly effective and beautiful jobs

It’s not a simple matter

For survival

The people in the workplace can only vomit

"I always don’t want to go to work for 30 days every month"

Doing it is not so favorite job while doing it

How long does it take to work in the workplace is a reasonable promotion period?

What should I do if I can’t wait for the promotion?

Career development stagnation should be postgraduate entrance examination

Is the transformation of the exam or continue to boil?


A letter of resignation of a teacher before the whole network

The reason for resignation is just a short sentence

"The world is so big, I want to see it"

I really admire this worker

Courage and determination

The workplace is a practice

How to determine whether your direction is correct?

We may know the answer roughly

More often, just one person comes over

Help us clear up

start again!

2023 workplace growth plan

CCTV initiated

"2023 Workplace Growth Plan" activity

Hope to collect everyone’s workplace confusion

And invite excellent workplace professionals

Based on my many years of workplace experience


Scan the code to fill in your workplace confusion


We help you find answers

Formulate together

Your 2023 workplace growth plan!

We also hope that you invite the "people in the workplace" around you

Together the seemingly unsolvable trouble in the workplace

Share a QR code


Click on Yangguang.com WeChat public account

Menu bar-online event-workplace survey

Can participate

Honest answer

It’s "promoted to promotion and salary"

first step!

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