Which damage is smaller?Doctor: Each suitable for different women

Which damage is a little bit harmful to the abortion and surgical abortion? This is also a question that many female friends in life are very concerned, because there are many people living in life now that will cause unexpected pregnancy. After unexpected pregnancy, the best way to remedy is circulatingThen, which damage is smaller? Doctor: It is suitable for different women.

Expert: Modeling method is divided into two types suitable for different women

The "manual abortion" we often say means that the embryo and pregnancy are discharged from women’s uterus through artificial intervention. According to different methods, they are divided into two types: drug abortion and surgical abortion.

According to Deputy Director Hu Dongmei, the drug flow refers to the use of drugs, mainly to take mouterarazone and maco frontol to automatically discharge the uterus in the uterus; and the surgical abortion refers to, Specifically, divided into three types: Mist -absorbing, pliers scraping, and curettage.

"Su suction M is the effect of negative pressure. The pregnancy of the uterine cavity is used with a straw, which is generally suitable for women within eight weeks of pregnancy; pliers scraping is mostly used for more people in the month.Clew out, but in order to reduce damage to the uterus, it often cooperates with the medicine flow to help peel and expansion of the pregnancy and cervix; the curettage is scraped out with a scraper, and it is mostly used for pregnancy on the palace wall.Case."

In general, different abortion methods are suitable for women with different stages of pregnancy and characteristics. Deputy Director Hu Dongmei emphasized that women should choose the appropriate abortion method in accordance with the doctor’s advice to avoid greater damage to the body.

The earlier the abortion, the better? Premature traffic risk is high

For some women, after they find that they are unexpectedly pregnant, they are often in a state of fear and restlessness. Therefore, they hope to solve the "trouble" as soon as possible by abortion.

Deputy Director Hu Dongmei said that this statement was not accurate.

"In theory, artificial abortion is indeed better than late, and early pregnancy sacs and embryos are relatively small. If within seven weeks, some women can have a drug flow and do not need to perform surgery.The security will be higher and the uterus is not easy to damage. But the flow of people is not as soon as possible. Some women want to be a crowded when they check their pregnancy. This is actually a hidden medical risk.

Deputy Director Hu Dongmei told his family doctors to edit online that the two abortion methods of drug abortion and surgical abortion are targeted at uterine cavity pregnancy. In case women have ectopic pregnancy, embryos are actually outside the uterus. At this timeNot only is it invalid, but it may delay the condition and even endanger life.

Through the introduction of the content of the above article, everyone should have more understanding of some differences between drug abortion and surgical abortion, but no matter what kind of miscarriage method, it is very harmful to female friends, so it is recommended that female friends can be inUsually we must take contraception measures to reduce abortion surgery.

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