Whether the piglet is healthy depends on whether you can raise a sow: the breeding management process of the pregnancy house

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After the sow completes the breeding, it will be arranged in the pregnancy positioning bar according to the period according to the breeding time.

1.2.1 Check the pigs after going to work every day after going to work.

A) If there is a sick pig, it should be treated first and then feed;

b) If you have dead pigs, you should pull away in time, disinfect the original column, and fill in the "Plant Pigs".

1.2.2 After checking the pig group, start feeding, choose 332 pregnancy materials, and feed in stages according to standards.

a) Dry or dry the water in the groove before feeding;

b) Each feed should be fast and accurate to reduce stress. During the feeding process, first feed the pregnant sow in the early stages of pregnancy.Three rows of pregnancy pigs advocate two or three people at the same time to reduce feeding stress.

c) According to the sow’s emotional adjustment, the amount of feeding can be referred to the attachment; it is advocated that the first average feeding is promoted, and the return is feeded.

d) Give enough time to eat each pig after feeding. Do not put water prematurely into the food grooves to avoid waste;

e) Do not feed moldy and deteriorate to prevent poisoning;

1.2.3 Evaluate the emotional situation of pregnancy sows should be regularly evaluated. Feeding and management of three stages of pregnancy shall be fed in three stages. It should be fed in accordance with the standards formulated by the pig farm to ensure the increase in weight during pregnancy.When feeding, the first fetus should be treated distinguished. When the fetal skeleton is long in the middle of pregnancy, it is appropriately controlled to prevent the fetus from being too difficult to produce.

1.2.4 Clean up the pig manure in the positioning bar in time to prevent the sows from being full after eating. After the clearance, pull it to the pig manure tank with a bucket.

1.2.5 Repel the relapse inspection within 18 to 65 days after the breeding.Do pregnancy diagnosis once a month.

1.2.6 Pregnancy diagnosis: Under normal circumstances, sows who no longer estrus for about 21 days after breeding can determine pregnancy.Its manifestations are: sleeping, prosperous appetite, easy upper, fur light, tame sex, stable action, and shrinking upwards into a line in the vulva.

1.2.7 Reduce stress and prevent tires; prevent heat stroke in summer, prevent cold and warm in winter; treat sows gentle and careful; reduce severe sound stimulation; immune injection after feeding or cool weather.Strictly control the humidity of pregnancy cottage and reduce unnecessary punch or pork body.

1.2.8 Pay attention to the sanitary grooves, and regularly clean the mildew.During cleaning, special persons are responsible for watching pigs, reducing pigs to eat only dirt.

1.2.9 Pay attention to the quality of drinking water, and put water in time after feeding to ensure that the pigs drink sufficient water. Pay attention to the quality of the water heater to check the quality of the water heater.When drinking water, a large amount of impurities or precipitation should be strengthened or disinfected with drinking water.

1.2.10 Focus on breeding management and care in the early stages of pregnancy.Strengthen humidity control, the transition of feed conversion balance, properly supplement green materials or use soda to prevent constipation.Try to reduce various stress and increase the tire rate of pigs to prevent abortion.If necessary, use cenrotin and other health care at 18-25 days.In the early stage, pigs do not use large cold Chinese medicine.

1.2.11 Choose the appropriate time in the late pregnancy to perform a stomach or clearing health care.The medicines that can be selected include rhubarb scattering, compound Houttuynia cordata, wearing heart lotus, clear lungs, etc.Generally, you choose to be pregnant at 85-92 days old health care.

1.2.12 Do a good job of vaccination of various vaccines according to the "Immunization Procedure" to prevent the occurrence of severe infectious diseases.Do a good job of recording the "Pregnancy Sowing List".Pay attention to anti -stress before and after immunity.

The pregnancy sow was transferred to the delivery room 3-7 days before giving birth. It was completely in vitro deworming work within a week before the transfer of pigs. At the same time, the pigs should be completely disinfected on the day of the pig.After the pig turns out, the original column should be completely disinfected, waiting for the next batch of pregnancy sows to transfer.

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