Where did the weight grow during pregnancy?How much is fat for pregnant mothers?

A few days ago, I bought Wenwen on the Internet, so she asked her what she wanted to buy. She laughed and said, "I have to control my weight during pregnancy. I am good for my baby. I want to buy a scale from the Internet and always supervise herself."This is indeed a good habit, but yesterday with the two couples to eat together, her husband had been joking for Wenwen, saying that she had to call weight even if she drank a glass of water.Although controlling weight during pregnancy is a good thing, it is not necessary to be so careful. The weight during pregnancy actually has a certain growth law. Let’s take a look at it below.

Do I have to control my weight during pregnancy?

Many people feel that the weight of the baby during pregnancy is linked to the baby’s health. The more weight gain, the more nutrients received by the baby’s baby, so the healthier.In fact, this statement is to deceive themselves, because the baby needs to accept the nutrition in the process of growth and development, so when the pregnant mothers consume too much nutrition, these energy will cause the baby’s baby to be excessive and increase "huge hugeThe occurrence of "child" occurring, pregnant mothers also increase blood sugar, and may get gestational diabetes.Therefore, pregnant mothers should control their diet appropriately during pregnancy, so that they really think about the health of the baby.

Which parts increase?

Pregnant mothers should not think that only the stomach will grow during pregnancy, and in fact, different changes will occur in all parts of the body.So what are the changes in the body of the pregnant mother before childbirth and before pregnancy?The first is that the fetus will have 3 ~ 4kg, the placenta will account for 0.5 ~ 1kg, the uterus and amniotic fluid account for 1kg, and the chest will increase by 1kg, and the blood capacity will increase by about 1.5kg.Add about 5kg.Therefore, in general, under normal scope, pregnant mothers will gain about 13kg, and the pregnant mother should check it to see if they have exceeded the weight.


After understanding the total growth weight, let’s take a look at the laws of weight growth at different stages.Generally speaking, there is no major weight change in the early pregnancy. The significant increase in weight is about 7 weeks, and the first three months will basically grow 0.5 ~ 2kg per month.Do not exceed 0.9kg, do not increase the weight of more than 0.8kg per week in the late pregnancy.In the face of such standards, I don’t know how many pregnant mothers are qualified.

Control Method

Usually pregnant mothers do not have to control the weight deliberately, just pay attention to exercise and diet.Exercise should be determined according to the physique of pregnant mothers. Do not stubbornly do not stubbornly do not be stubborn, avoiding harm to the baby.In your diet, just follow the health and light as much as possible. You should eat appropriately during meals. Do not eat too much, causing nutritional imbalance.

During the pregnancy, the pregnant mother for her postpartum recovery and the health of the baby’s baby, it is best to control slightly in terms of weight.However, the premise is to obtain sufficient nutrition, ensure the development needs of the baby, and the physical needs of the pregnant mother.

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