When you are pregnant, the expectant mothers are both happy and excited, but there are many issues that need to be paid attention to

In the early days of pregnancy, it is generally difficult to find out, so we must always pay attention to our physical changes during pregnancy and do a good job of pregnancy testing.From the day you know you are pregnant, you must use drug treatment carefully.If you don’t take medicine, it is best not to take it.Unless the condition is serious, you need a doctor’s order, and you must read the manual clearly before taking it.

After pregnancy, let yourself be away from the dangers of radiation and radioactivity.Avoid radiological examinations during pregnancy, such as X -rays, it will have a certain impact on the fetus.There is no specific definition in medicine.There are also computer radiation, microwave oven, mobile phones, these all need to be paid attention to.It is best to buy a set of radiation -proof clothes and apron to protect the fetus.

Since pregnancy, it is no longer to eat alone, but to ensure the nutrition of the children in the belly.In the early stages of pregnancy, it is necessary to ensure that protein should be properly supplemented, not excessive supplement.Be careful not to eat fried, irritating spicy taste, cold, frozen food and dishes.The consumption of all foods should be cleaned and keeps above room temperature.Don’t overeating, eat more organic food.

It is easy to have miscarriage or bleeding in early pregnancy.If you are pregnant, but have been bleeding, you have to go to the obstetrics and gynecology examination to determine whether it is ectopic or other problems.If you happen, you must go to a doctor, take care of the fetus, do not do heavy physical work, supplement nutrition, and ensure sufficient sleep.

Early pregnancy sexual intercourse is easy to cause abortion.At this time, energy should be concentrated on the stomach.If sexual life is improper, it may cause the possibility of abortion, especially pregnant women with high risk of abortion.

Some pregnant women are accustomed to irregular life of work and rest, and have bad habits such as smoking and drinking.At this time, it is best not to continue to do this dangerous thing when you are pregnant, it is easy to have adverse effects on the maturity and development of the fetus.

At the same time, pregnant women should try to avoid staying with smoking.Pregnant mothers know that smoking is not good, but she does not know that second -hand smoke is more harmful to the body.Studies have shown that inhaling 1 second -hand cigarette in a smaller room is equivalent to directly inhaling 15 cigarettes. Nicotine and PCDD in cigarettes will enter the body.There are smoking habits or pregnant mothers who are in contact with second -hand cigarettes. The risk of abortion and fetal malformations is very high.

When you are pregnant, you should watch a doctor regularly, do a related examination, rest in bed, and overcome many bad habits.In addition, in daily life, we must also pay attention to maintaining a happy mood.Pregnancy will cause quasi -mothers to have panic or irritability, sensitivity, sadness and other emotions in the process of breeding. These emotions will affect the frequency and intensity of fetal movement. ThereforeMatters and the knowledge of taking care of the child, usually go out with your husband, take a walk, look at nature, feel the sun, listen to some soothing music, read some positive books or expose more positive things.Make your emotions stable.

In addition, it should be noted that don’t keep keeping the same posture for too long, so as to avoid poor blood flow, stimulate uterine contraction, and cause abortion.Avoid the boat and car to do it or travel.Usually, be careful to avoid sliding down in life, do not expose to radiation or high -voltage radio waves, and be mild in leisure and sex.

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