When you are pregnant, how can you break the breast tenderness?

Many pregnant mothers in the heads in WeChat often ask if they have breast tenderness and other discomforts after pregnancy. I wonder what to do?

Let me tell you today.

Under normal circumstances, some changes in women after pregnancy, especially breasts.Breast pain will occur in the early stages of pregnancy, and it will gradually become larger, and it will even secrete some liquids. What is going on?So how should expectant mothers care about her breasts during pregnancy?

In general, starting a few weeks after pregnancy, expectant mothers will feel the swelling of the breast, and even a little pain. Occasionally, the nipples will have a thick and yellow colostrum.In the second month of the pregnancy, the breasts gradually expanded, very soft, and due to the hypertrophy of the breast, the breasts were growing like a mass; then the blood vessels under the breast skin became significantly prominent.

The nipples will gradually become larger, and the isola color will deepen due to the increase in pigmentation, and the prominent nipple is also significantly significantly.This is the change of breasts after pregnancy, so why is the breast different from before?This is because after conception, the hormone changes in the body, and the breasts have made corresponding changes.It is also to meet the needs of breastfeeding after childbirth.

So how to health during pregnancy?

1. What should I do if I always have breast tenderness during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is normal for the breast to stimulate the breast, and the breasts will occur, which is normal.Pregnant women can relieve the pain through a towel hot compress, dip some warm water with a clean towel, wipe it from the center of the nipple to the areola, take turns hot compresses on both sides, 15 minutes on each side, and massage the breasts with the hands.The thumb and index finger massage from the root of the breast to the nipple;

2. Is the yellow emulsion squeezed out of the pregnant breast?

During pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, a small amount of colostrum (sometimes called "prefabricated"), and some expectant mothers will not happen.Both of these situations are normal.Chulin milk is a sticky slightly yellow liquid.It contains antibodies to protect your newborn baby from infection.If you choose breastfeeding, this precious liquid will feed your baby before real milk starts secreting.Earlobal milk contains more protein, less carbohydrates and fats than the final breast milk.Chumen milk is easy to digest, containing the nutrients needed for babies in the first few days of birth.

3. How to perform breast health during pregnancy?

1. Straighten your back, look up your chest, stand your body, your elbows close to both sides, a book under the armpit, the arm bend and stretch, the palm upward, then stretch the forearm horizontally, the upper arm is close to the body, keep the body keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, keep the body, and keep the body.This posture is 10 seconds, and the action is repeated once.

2. Pull the lips and smile. This movement can shrink the large muscles of the neck. It is a strong chest tissue to improve the flexibility to provide better support effects.Repeat 15 times, you will soon notice that the nipples will look high with each muscle contraction.

3. Maintain the tightness of the chest, you can raise your hands and close your hands in front of your nose.This action is repeated 10 times, and you will feel that your chest will exercise.This exercise can be done at the same time as the second step.

In addition, when you choose a hood in your pregnancy, you should choose a larger cup, without a steel bracket, that is, the bra with a wide backband.The proper bra will support the chest without leaving a indentation on the back or shoulder. At the same time, the bra should be replaced at any time to adapt to the changes in the chest.Pregnant women should choose a loose and comfortable bra. The bras support the correct position of the nipples. It should be the horizontal position between the nipple connection between the elbow and the shoulder to prevent the breast from pulling the bra to the back.

Finally, the pregnant mother reminds the pregnant mother that it is normal for the breasts during pregnancy. This is because the progesterone rises after pregnancy to stimulate the normal reaction caused by breasts. The yellow emulsion squeezed out of the pregnant breasts is also normal. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry.During pregnancy, you must health care, because it is the baby’s granary!

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