When will the uncertain fetal heart buds appear?

After many expectant mothers are waiting for pregnancy, they will inevitably perform anxiously after pregnancy. They always want to check it quickly and find out the pregnancy sac and fetal heart buds as soon as possible.

Some expectant mothers were informed by the doctor that they had not seen the fetal buds of the fetal bud, and they were particularly worried: Is this my baby’s development problem?In fact, this problem cannot be generalized, and expectant mothers should not worry.

Let ’s take a look at what the terms such as pregnancy sac, fetal heart, and fetal buds represent, and when will it appear?

Pregnant sacs, fetal buds, and fetal hearts, these three are professional nouns of B -ultrasound, appearing in the order of time in the early pregnancy.That is to say, the pregnancy sac (determined internal pregnancy) appears in the uterus, and then the fetal bud (determining the gestational week), and then the fetal heart (prompting the baby to survive).

1. Pregnancy sac

It is the shape of the embryo at the beginning of pregnancy, a small embryo wrapped in amniotic and blood vessels.

The gestational sac can generally only be seen in early pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, after 5 weeks of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound can see the small fetal sac. The fetal sac accounts for less than 1/4 of the uterine cavity, or the fetal buds can be seen.At 11 weeks of pregnancy, the gestational sac can be seen completely through the B -ultrasound, the placenta is clearly visible, and the gestational sac is responsible for the mission of a treasurer messenger.

The gestational capsule is normal in the palace bottom, front wall, back wall, upper part, and middle of the uterus; the shape is round, oval, and clear;When there is abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, it may have a miscarriage.

2. Fetal buds

During the development of fertilized eggs, the first two weeks are called pregnant eggs.However, over time, the gradual formation of various organs is called embryo (or fetal buds) before 8 weeks of pregnancy; three weeks of pregnancy to the first month of pregnancy are called fetal buds, and the length of the fetal buds is 0.5-1 cm.Little hippocampus.

Because of the development of the embryo, the fetal sac is formed for 30-40 days, and the fetal buds formed for 40-50 days, and the fetal heart is formed on 50-60 days. Therefore, the general B -ultrasound should be done at about 60 days. At this timeYou can see whether the fetal sac, germination, and fetal heart are normal.

3. Fetal heart

It is the sound of the fetal heart beating in the uterus. The sound is crisp and the rhythm is neat. You can understand the health of the fetus by listening to the fetal heart.

Generally around 7 weeks of pregnancy, you can see the fetal heartbeat with the B ultrasonic device.When the fetus is less than 5 months old, the position of the fetal heart is usually under the umbilicus, and both sides of the abdomen line.When the fetus is 6-8 months, as the fetus grows, the position of the fetal heart will move upwards

Because the fetal movement is usually moved by the fetus and feet, when the right side feels that the fetal movement is frequent, the fetal heart is generally on the left; when the left side feels that the fetal movement is frequent, the fetal heart is usually on the right.The head and hip position can also affect the position of the fetal heart. The fetal heart is under the umbilicus during the head position, and the fetal heart is on the umbilicus during the hip position.

Are you a expectant mother who is preparing for pregnancy?Do you want your child to be too late?

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