When the fetus is snoring in the belly, the pregnant mother will have such a magical feeling, too?

The water has been pregnant for almost 7 months. From more than 4 months, she can always feel the various movements from the belly, or kick or punch. At that time, her husband also said that the smelly boyIt’s too naughty, you must hit his buttocks well, let him bully his mother so!

Although he said so, water and water can see her husband’s love for this baby. Every time there is a fetal movement in the stomach, as long as he is around, he must feel it.There was an interesting thing two days ago. The water -and -water husband was listening to the fetal movement on the stomach of the pregnant belly, and I felt like a water flow fluctuations appeared on the belly of the water.The water was surprised.

Two people never saw such fetal movements like this, it felt interesting and amazing.With such curiosity, at the 28 -week birth check -up, the couple consulted the doctor.Finally, the situation of the comprehensive water concluded that the fetus was hiccup.

The reason why adults hiccups is because they are full, choke, uncomfortable, air in the cauliflower, etc. As the fetus is snoring?Do n’t worry about your parents. People are not uncomfortable. On the contrary, the fetus hiccups is a manifestation of his well -developed growth.

The fetus lives in amniotic fluid throughout the pregnancy, and amniotic fluid, as the name suggests, the main component is "water". During the development of the fetus, the oxygen and nutrition required by the fetus are transmitted through the placenta and umbilical cord.With the development of the fetus, around July of pregnancy, the lungs of the fetus began to work, and breathing exercise in the uterus.The exercise method is to suck and swallow the amniotic fluid, and snoring happened in the process.Therefore, the fetal hiccups are not uncomfortable. This is exactly a manifestation of his exercise of lung function. Moms don’t have to worry too much.

The feeling of hiccups of the fetus is not the same as the fetal movement. If the mother feels it carefully, she will find that when the fetus hiccups, her belly will have a regular beating.Generally speaking, the fetus will be snoring once every 2 or 3 seconds, and the duration of each time is usually about 2-5 minutes. Of course, some fetus duration will reach 10-20 minutes, but it is relatively rare.

In addition, the hiccup time of the fetus is not fixed, it may happen in the morning, it may occur at noon, and sometimes it occurs when sleeping in the middle of the night.Moms don’t have to be too surprised or worried, after all, none of the fetus is the same as us as ordinary people.However, we must be wronged with pregnant mothers, and we must hardly bear the baby’s "no day, no day and night".

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