When my husband knows that his wife will have some wonderful reactions after pregnancy, what kind of reaction do you have?

Men’s love for children is often deep, so articles that depict father’s love are much less than articles depicting motherly love.As everyone knows, men are often more eager than women.Pregnancy is a big event in life. When women find that they are pregnant, they always want to find a good way to tell her husband and get relevant information from the husband’s response.

Although women may have imagined countless times in their minds, when her husband knows his reaction after pregnancy.But when the women really do it like this, the real feeling is not available for how many scene fantasies.Let me take a look at what the husband reacts when he learns that his wife is pregnant.

1. Ecstasy

When the wife told her husband that "I was pregnant", the husband immediately soberly woke up and picked up his wife very excitedly, and couldn’t stop laughing.Repeatedly confirmed, "Is it true? Is I really going to be a dad? Hahaha, I really want to be a dad, I have to tell our dad and mother, and I have to tell …… "So, I picked up my mobile phone for a long time, like a small words, as if I was not so happy in my life.Although her husband’s response was a bit overly, his wife was very happy.

2. Unknown type

The wife told her husband "I am pregnant", husband: "……".The wife spoke again "I’m pregnant", her husband: "…", the wife couldn’t help yelling "I’m pregnant!", Husband: "…".Husband stood there in a dumb, motionless, as if he couldn’t believe it, like dreaming.When the husband was awake, he ran to his wife and said, "Really? When did it happen? Why do you tell me now? I want to be a dad!", This reaction made his wife laugh and angry.

3. Can’t dare to believe

The wife happily told her husband "I am pregnant", my husband: "What is possible to make a joke?" My wife: "I’m really pregnant, what do you lie to you?" Husband: "I know teasing me, I don’t believe me", my wife:"Forget it, you don’t believe it, I am pregnant anyway."The husband suddenly realized that his wife was not like a joke. When he walked in front of his wife to see that the pregnancy stick was really two bars, he pulled his wife to go to the hospital for examination. The result showed that she was really pregnant, and her husband coaxed his wife obediently.

4. The pretending deep sink

The wife picked up the pregnancy test stick and went to the husband and said, "You are going to be a dad." The husband took the pregnancy test stick and said, "Okay, let’s go to the hospital for examination."The results of the inspection are not expected.Husbands performed very calm all the way, and the wife couldn’t believe it.When I was sleeping at night, I found that the husband turned over and over, and he smiled frequently, and his wife couldn’t help laughing.

Although the reactions of dads are different, they are all cute and fun. Dad’s love for children and wives can feel it from the reactions of dads.

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