When is the most comfortable and difficult stage during pregnancy, when is it, and share it with you who are vomiting.

Xinxin was just two months pregnant. Every time she saw the food (especially the greasy food), she was disgusting. Now it feels more serious. What to eat and vomit. Due to the discomfort of the early pregnancy reaction, Xinxin is always worried that it will not be the whole.This is the case during pregnancy, pregnancy is really hard.

In fact, not every pregnant mother has a pregnancy reaction. In addition, for most expectant mothers, it is not pregnant after pregnancy. One stage is the most comfortable time for expectant mothers.

Why is it the most comfortable stage in May to June?In fact, there are several reasons.Early pregnancy reactions have basically disappeared: Early pregnancy reactions generally start from 6 weeks of pregnancy to 3 months of pregnancy, but some expectant mothers’ early pregnancy reactions will continue until 4 months of pregnancy.About 5 months of pregnancy, the reaction of early pregnancy has basically disappeared, so that expectant mothers will not be as uncomfortable as early as early pregnancy.The pregnancy belly is not particularly large: most expectant mothers have begun to show their hearts from 4 months of pregnancy, and the belly is not particularly large when it is from May to June.At this stage, expectant mothers are not heavy, and they have less symptoms of discomfort.The appetite and sleep are relatively good: Most expectant mothers in the early pregnancy are not very appetizing. I want to vomit everything when I see everything, but the prospective mothers have basically no these troubles for 5 to 6 months.~ In about 6 months, the quality of sleeping mothers is better than early and late pregnancy.

In addition, at this stage, most expectant mothers can feel the baby’s obvious fetal movement. Every day, the baby’s activity should be the most anticipated and happy thing for expectant mothers.

In addition to the most comfortable stage of expectant mothers from 5 to 6 months of pregnancy, it is the best time to do fetal deformed examination and gestational diabetes screening.What expectant mothers need to pay attention to is that they must be checked on time, a balanced diet (controlling weight growth), and appropriate exercise (the most comfortable stage during pregnancy is actually the most suitable for pregnant mummy exercise. Exercise can not only achieve the purpose of controlling weight, but also help the baby baby baby.Better).

Of course, there are more comfortable stage during pregnancy, and there must be a time when it is particularly difficult.

Why is it difficult to say about 8-9 months of pregnancy?In fact, there are several main reasons.The body burdens over from August to September: In the late pregnancy, the fetus gradually increased, and the boring of expectant mothers became heavier and heavier. Sometimes even walking like a penguin, especially awkward.Too many discomfort: In the last stage of the third trimester, especially the last stage of pregnancy, most expectant mothers will have a lot of discomfort, such as edema, leg cramps, frequent urination, constipation, insomnia, and so on.Anxiety: The reason why the last month during pregnancy is also the reason why expectant mothers worry about fetal health and safety.In addition, near the due date, expectant mothers also have a fear and nervousness of childbirth.

Maybe the symptoms of each expectant mother during pregnancy are not the same, but most expectant mothers are more fatigue and anxiety in the late pregnancy.The enlarged belly makes it inconvenient to do anything about expectant mothers. Long -term insomnia will make the temper of expectant mothers more irritable.Mom can’t wait to unload the goods immediately, so it is not an exaggeration to say that the last month during pregnancy is the most difficult stage.

Although it is difficult for the last stage of pregnancy, expectant mothers should still pay attention to the following points.Persevere exercise: In the scope of the body’s bearing, expectant mothers must insist on exercise (walking, pregnant women’s yoga are all good choices), because this is conducive to the baby to enter the pot faster and accelerate the production process.Note that there are signs of property: In the most difficult stage, no expectant mothers do not want to be unloaded soon, but the signal that the fetus really launch (mainly: regular contractions, redness, and water break). Moms must understand in advance to avoid triggered trigger triggersUnnecessary accidents.Others: try to eat lightly as possible, maintain a peaceful mentality, prepare for the production package at all times, and there is a check -up on time. At this stage, the check -up should be once a week or once every three days.

Although the pregnancy vomiting is uncomfortable, it will improve after the second trimester, so expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.In addition, the last stage of pregnancy will be difficult, and expectant mothers must be prepared.

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