When is the end of pregnancy?When I boil this time, I see my head

Generally, when you are pregnant, everyone knows that everyone’s physical response is also different. Some people may have nausea and vomiting or some AIDS. These very normal feelings are particularly uncomfortable. Some people have eaten things after eating things.When you are, you will spit it out. It is really very painful. When will the pregnancy vomiting be over?If it is boiled at this time, you can really see your head, and you should eat more light food.

First, when did pregnancy spit start?

After pregnancy, some pregnant women will vomit in the fifth week of pregnancy, and most pregnant women will vomit in the sixth week.Pregnancy vomiting is the most obvious in the morning and evening, and it is usually disgusting without any warning.When eating, if you smell something, you will want to vomit, which will affect the appetite of pregnant women.In addition, vomiting during pregnancy can also cause weight loss and headache for pregnant women.Some pregnant women will vomit seriously during early pregnancy.

Second, when is the end of pregnancy and vomiting?

Generally speaking, after the 8th week of pregnancy, pregnancy vomiting begins to relieve, but after the 12th week, pregnancy vomiting has basically disappeared.However, this is not an absolute standard. Some pregnant women will vomit for 20 weeks, and even vomit vomiting during the entire pregnancy.Generally speaking, everyone’s situation is different.Although vomiting during pregnancy is normal, severe vomiting during pregnancy can also affect the nutritional intake of pregnant women. This is not only harmful to the body of pregnant women, but also affects the development of the fetus.Therefore, if vomiting is severe, it is necessary to find a way to reduce vomiting.In medical, there is a special disease called "pregnancy drama vomiting", which refers to some very serious cases of pregnancy drama vomiting, which can only be relieved in the hospital in time.

Third, how to reduce pregnancy vomiting?

1. Food selection

In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetal development was relatively slow. At this time, pregnant women do not need to take too much nutrition to supplement, so pregnant women can choose foods they want to eat at this time to increase appetite to increase appetite.EssenceAt the same time, in order to prevent pregnancy and vomiting, you can eat less.In addition, choosing a comfortable environment can not only avoid vomiting due to environmental stimuli, but also increase appetite.

You can eat some pears, orange, apple sauce and other foods to stabilize the stomach and relieve nausea.If pregnant women are really serious, you can drink some apple juice and honey water to protect the stomach damaged by pregnancy and vomiting.

2. Exercise relief

Many pregnant women are unable to eat because of severe pregnancy vomiting, and they feel boring and unsuitable in bed all day.They believe that pregnancy vomiting can be reduced.But in fact, it’s not.Lying on the same way will only make the nausea of pregnancy and vomiting more obvious, and lying on the whole day will make the body more fatigue.

Therefore, it is necessary to take some relaxation activities, such as outdoor walking and fresh air, which can not only alleviate boring, but also enhance physical fitness and alleviate pregnancy vomiting.

3. Choose loose and comfortable clothes

You can choose a loose and breathable style, especially the waist position should not be too tight, otherwise it will increase the nausea during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, everyone may have some other uncomfortable symptoms, and the performance is very normal. Generally, it can disappear slowly after three months. At this time, the appetite becomes better and better.At time, you can also increase exercise appropriately, or have some sexual life, which can make your baby’s body healthier. In fact, you should exercise more lightly when you are pregnant, so as to ensure that the fetus is healthier.

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