When I was pregnant, I went back to my mother’s house. I was too hungry to eat a dumpling first.I decided not to go to the door again!

In my mother’s house, I still have a younger brother.Over the years, my mother has been more eccentric.When I was young, there were any delicious, all for my brother, all fun to my brother.Even if I touch it, my parents will say: Let my brother!

After graduating from high school, I dropped out of school and went out to work. I did a good grade, but my parents would not let me study again.My mother said: What is the use of girls to go to school, but just spend more money. In the future, I will not marry people!

In this way, I do n’t read anymore, my brother has a bad grade, but I have been reading.I got married in a blink of an eye. I was pregnant this year. I thought about going back to my mother’s house for a year. I never thought that I had a dumplings because I was a little hungry.After talking about the reason, I decided not to climb the house!

When I was married, my mother -in -law forced me to give me more gifts. I told her: What is good for me to do so will only make me embarrassed and will only make me more sad in the future!

But regardless of so much, although they experienced hardships, fortunately, my husband was good to me and walked step by step.After pregnancy, my husband and mother -in -law were very good to me. For the fetus, my mother -in -law made me delicious.

Only my mother -in -law, I never cared about me after pregnancy.This time I returned to my mother’s New Year, I also wanted to ease the relationship. After all, it was my parents, but I did not expect that the ending was like this!

I ate a dumplings, and my mother immediately became angry. I scolded me and said: You should not eat this dumplings. The first dumpling should give your dad, or your brother eats, and the married daughter splashed out of the water!Furthermore, you are all pregnant, and the good luck at home has been taken away by you!

I didn’t say a few words, my mother asked me to go home.I cried for a long time and packed up home.When I got home, my husband and mother -in -law looked at my eyes red and asked what was going on. I cried and said.

My mother -in -law is not forgiven. I wanted to find it, but I still didn’t do that in my face.

My mother -in -law comforted me for a long time and told me: I have a good child at home, and I will go back to my mother’s house in the future. After you have giving birth, I take care of my child and confinement. Everything is fine!

I feel that I met a good mother -in -law, better than my mother.But I know, I will never climb the door of my mother again in the future!Is my decision right?

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