When I got married last month, my wife found my pregnancy this month, and I felt that the child might not be his own

Mr. Zhang is 33 years old. He has a strong physique and always smiles, giving people a positive feeling.However, under the appearance of his sun, a heavy secret was hidden.

Just one year ago, Mr. Zhang was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and a testicular resection surgery was performed under the advice of the doctor.Although the operation was very successful and he returned to his job, he always had a shadow lingering in his heart.

Not long ago, Mr. Zhang and his girlfriend entered the marriage hall and began the sweet and warm marriage life.They look forward to having their own children and enjoy the happiness of the family of three.However, when he learned that his wife was pregnant, Mr. Zhang was not as happy as expected, but he was doubtful: I removed one side of the testicles, can I still become a father?

This question seemed to be unable to calm him in his heart, so he decided to seek a professional doctor to answer. So he found Dr. Li, who had been surgically treated for him, to seek answers: "Dr. Li, I would like to ask me that I had normal fertilization capacity after removing the testicles on one side of the testicles.Can I be a parent -child identification if I can be used as an early pregnancy? "

Facing Mr. Zhang in the face of anxiety, Dr. Li deeply understood that he deeply understood his complex emotions at this time. Then he warned with stability and peace and aura: "First of all, you must clarify a fact: even if you lose a testicularBreeding ability. "

"Only one of the healthy testicles in men’s body is enough to produce sperm to complete the fertilization process. In fact, many only one -sided testicles are left or received by similar treatment men."

After listening to the introduction of this science popularization knowledge, Mr. Zhang Kunming slightly relieved his nervous emotions. You can still be uneasy when you think about it and get the problem of parent -child identification: "So is it suitable for parent -child identification now?"

Dr. Li Cheng carefully answered: "At present, scientific and technological progress can be identified in the early stages of pregnancy through non -invasive DNA testing. Of course, more traditional methods such as amniotic fluid puncture can also be feasible, but it may cause risks."

"However, Mr. Zhang, I suggest that you better communicate with your spouse frankly and worry about your inner confusion. Maybe she will give a better response plan."

After listening to the explanation, Mr. Zhang’s inner pressure was reduced a little bit. But still the problem of the new problem caused by his father’s responsibility: "So will the remaining one affect the quality of semen? Is it possible to cause erectile dysfunction?"

Seeing Mr. Zhang’s anxious look, Dr. Li responded humorously: "It is related to this aspect, I can tell you certainly, the single test is not the ability and sexual strength of the sperm."

"Even if we only have one normal operation, the ball is enough to secrete a large amount of high -quality granules and keep the hormonal level steady."

"It must be clear that the production and quality of sperm do not depend on the number of testicles, but mainly depends on the health condition of the body’s endocrine and the remaining testicles.Happy, you can produce high -quality sperm. "Dr. Li told Mr. Zhang truthfully.

Dr. Li once again emphasized: "As for the problem of erectile function, it involves multiple organs such as blood vessels, nerves, endocrine, and other organs. Although Ruiqiu is the main source of male hormones, a normal work is fully enough to maintain the hormonal level steady level to so as to be therefore.Maintain normal function. "

"As long as your body is healthy and emotionally stable, there will be no sexual dysfunction. Therefore, please rest assured."

After listening to Dr. Li’s answer, Mr. Zhang’s nervousness completely dissipated. He was deeply relieved that he was full of confidence in his future.

On the way home, Mr. Zhang again thought about the science knowledge of the discipline today. He found that the problem that had troubled himself for a long time was not so complicated. You only needed to understand the characteristics and basic mechanisms of the human body to find the answer.

All this makes Mr. Zhang realize that no matter what dilemma or challenge you face or challenge, you should actively face seeking professional help. At the same time, we also realize the importance of science education.Challenges to all kinds of challenges.

In the end, Mr. Zhang was full of gratitude. He treated all the helping people, including the treatment of his medical staff, gave his family and friends, and let him re -recognize that he had to be subject to his education.

In the future, Mr. Zhang will actively face all the challenges in life and firmly embark on his new life.

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